Suggestions/feedback on a cash grab game

Hello, I have a game that I made in one day months ago and now decided to pick back up, for another day. The game is not done yet and some features in it aren’t completed. I want feedback or suggestions for the game. I know the game isn’t special or original, I am planning on spending robux to promote is aswell as just posting about it on various social media.

Do not purchase anything in the game, I promise, it is not worth it, all the dev products and game passes do what you’d expect them to do

Game link: 97% Fail Glass Bridge Challenge💎 - Roblox

the games icon, name, description are going to be changed before i promote the game anywhere

Why don’t I make these games man, I could get on the front page lol.

But seriously the game is kind of basic but it’s good I guess for kids who love brainrot. Invest to promote it and yeah it could do good.

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since making this post i already fixed 3 bugs, realized that if i want feedback the game actually has to be playable, but yea, ill saturate the game with more brainrot and hope that it sticks