Suhi Public Handbook

Suhi is a tropical-seafood restaurant located on the pleasant island of Fiji. We strive to provide and unmatched dining experience for our customers and a welcoming team for our staff members. Join us now and discover the taste of paradise at our establishment! Established by sociaIteen in 2023.

Community Information

Experience Guidelines

When being a member of Suhi, we come with a few regulations that everyone must abide. consequences are given from rule breakers in our Communal Server and Roblox Experiences. Based on the severity of your behavior, you will receive either a ban, warning, etc. We recommend that you use your common sense to determine whether you should be doing something or not within our facilities.

Session Information

If you are interested in becoming a Staff Member at Suhi, you must join our group and join our Quiz Center game. From there, attend a training session during one of our allotted times to rank up to Junior Staff Member, and then another session for Staff Member, and one final session for Senior Staff Member.

Low Rank Promotions


Rank Information

§ | Rank Information


  • Development Director and oversees the community.

Co Owner

  • Assists the Owner with development and runs the HR Team.


  • Assists Co Owner with running the HR Team.

Vice President

  • Assists Co Owner with running the HR Team and oversees specified department.

Senior Corporate

  • Team lead of either Staff Management or Communications. Works closely with the Vice Presidents.

Junior Corporate

  • Works alongside the team leads to ensure a smooth department operation.

Corporate Intern

  • First HR rank, acts as an assistant to either the Staff Management Team or Communications Team.

General Manager

  • Final Management rank, works closely with Staff Management to train and hire new MRs.

Assistant Manager

  • Hosts sessions for the community, supervises at the restaurant.

Kitchen Supervisor

  • Hosts sessions for our LR Team to attend. Supervises restaurant regularly.

Restaurant Assistant

  • First Management rank, is mentored by a General Manager and is trained how to partake in the daily Management operations of Suhi.
Affiliate Guide

§ | Alliance Information

Thank you for showing us that you are interested in becoming an alliance. We are looking forward to partnering with groups all the time. Please be sure to look at our requirements before contacting a member of our Communications Department. Exceptions may be given depending on the group and community whole.

  • Must have an active and community to engage and converse in.
  • Group must have 500 non-botted members with 100 discord members.
  • Must have a professional and active Communications Team and staff team as a whole.
  • Cannot have a bad reputation or background with other groups we are partnered with.
  • Must have a team prepared to announce our events when needed.
Teams Information

§ | Staff Management
This department works closely with our MR Team to ensure all management staff understand their jobs and are trained properly. Our Staff Management Team works to welcome Star Chef’s to the position of Restaurant Assistant after our recruitment process.

§ | Communications
This department handles global awareness, alliance partnerships, community events and engagement, and managing alliances.

Thank you for reading our public handbook! If you have any questions, feel free to message a member of our Leadership Team.

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