Sulostic's Portfolio

Hi, I have been building on ROBLOX for almost a year. I have built cafes and showcases. I do not do scripting or UI designing. I do not do low poly / cartoony builds. Here is my portfolio! :upside_down_face:


Here are some games that I have worked on.


I am usually available every day, 1-3 hours during weekdays because of school work and 3-4 hours during weekends.


You may DM for prices. Of course, bigger projects will cost more and smaller projects will cost less. If you would like to hire me we can negotiate prices. I do not do percent for small groups, but if you are a bigger group, I would love to do percent. :slight_smile:


Discord: sul#0001. You can also contact me via ROBLOX messages.

Thanks for reading! :smiley: