Sumerki Studios Hiring Vegetation Modeler (3k!) + game earnings

Hello! We are Sumerki Productions, looking for a professional 3D vegetation modeler to create us Rocks, Trees, and vegetation for our new game.
The Team
@iiDark_Rawr -Owner
@aodhanc - Creative Director
@Jacketic - Terrain artist
@YourNamehere - Vegetation Modeler
@MZ2007ZM - Investor

About us
Sumerki studios is a newly formed group looking to bring new light to story games on roblox. The current available information on our game is you will be a ghost in which you have to find out why your parents dissapeared. You will be traveling across a large map helping npcs, doing quests, pvp, and exploring the vast world infront of you. We have a 300k+ budget for this project, and you will not be dissapointed with the amount of money you earn if you’re willing to put your full effort into our game. This means, after official beginning of this project (May 20th) you have to be available at all times. This is only a long term job, we are not looking for amatures and you have to be experienced, good in communication, and confident in your work.

About The Job
We are needing low poly rocks, underwater plants, and flowers/bushes. (Estemate of 30 different assets) you will need to work closely with our terrain artist to follow what he requests. You must be able to create vegetation of all different biomes, have creativity to follow written instructions, and also be able to follow picture examples. (You must know how to texture, and create all the assets we need)

This is a long term project. Assets may need to be created all throughout the year. The official start of this project is May 20th.

We will be paying 3000R after completion of these models. You will also recieve a monthly payout depending on game revenue each month.

Contact Us
Contact me at Dusk#3953 to apply. Please be energetic and happy to work on this project with us!
You must be 13 years or older to apply.
You must have atleast 1 experience prior with a successful game.
You must have vouches and at least 5 picture examples of work.

Thanks for reading!

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