Summer 2019 Project Opportunity

Filled Positions:
AquaticFishie - Map Builder
TonedOut - Map Builder
AdvancedAlien - Map Builder / Model Builder
BSlickMusic - Soundtrack Composer
alimegacorn - Primary Gameplay Scripter
Zefeated - Primary Gameplay Scripter
Whimzer - UI Designer
Mightyy - Model Builder / UV Mapping Modeler
Reverse_Polarity - Animator
Tommc - Seconday Scripter
Kasodus - Trailer
That_Brett - English > Spanish Translation / Voice Acting

UNOFFICIAL Members - Interns:
NovaCoepta - Builder Intern

A HUGE thanks to @Zomebody for the template for this!

Project Information:
In the summertime when the weather is hot, kids generally think of fun things to do to keep cool. Ice cream, water parks, going to the pool, fishing, and -now that we’re in the 21st century- ROBLOX. What better way to celebrate school being over than to have a giant summer themed party! The goal is to to be able to launch each other away with water related tools and other summer creations! I’m tasking myself (and whoever else wants to join in) to create an amazing Summer-themed ROBLOX game by Summer 2019. Will you plunge in or will you be burnt by the sun?

– The employees will have a choice of commission or total percentage for game earnings.
– The payout options will be percentage in the group or an option of USD PayPal’d or robux post-release.

Time Frame
– This project MUST be out Summer 2019.
– You would be expected to work alone in some aspects and work with others in others. Collaboration is necessary and it is requested to send in check-ups every Sunday on work fullfilled.

Work quality & quantity

  • Model Builders: One person. You will be expected to design wacky and silly water weapons and toys: firehoses, squirt guns, beach balls, etc. At least one reference object is required for this position.
  • Map Builders: Two to three people. You will be expected to create at least 2 low poly maps (hopefully 3 or more) and with the expectation that you have done low poly in the past. At least 2 reference objects, please! Low poly references are not necessary but would be phenomenal!
  • Animators: One person. Animators would be expected to create a custom R-15 animation pack along with 10+ different emotes and 5+ death animations.
  • Soundtrack Composer: One person. This person would be expected to create a OST with 3 lobby songs and songs for every major map. The themes can differ from map to map but a song similar to the Ribbon Girl Theme from Arms would be phenomenal because it fits the summer vibe I hope to go for. One reference needed.
  • Primary Gameplay Scripter: One person. The big man (or woman) on campus! This person will receive the highest game earnings percentage and will be expected to Script the gameplay aspects of the game to ensure that it is fun and without bugs. References and a recommendation letter are required.
  • UV Mapping Modeler: One person. This person will be expected to turn the unique weapons into meshes with fully functional UV maps so that it can be texturized by me. References are essential.
  • Social Media Marketing Director - One person. This person will not be able to earn a bloxy award for their work; however, they will receive commission. This spot is not needed to be filled until Spring 2019.
  • Artist: Three people. The artists will be expected to design ads for the game in a ROBLOX style (similar to Super Bomb Survival). References are a must.
  • UI Designer: One person. They make UIs. Not much else to say.

Communication info
– To apply for a position, go to my profile and send a message to me on any of the platforms listed there. I will respond as soon as possible.
– The platform that will be used for communication during the collaboration is Discord.

Work ethics
– The game will be created with team create.
– The mentality of the employees must be one of dillegence. It is expected for the team to be constantly moving forward with most roles requiring some significant change / new creation each week.
– Informational updates are expected every Sunday unless previously noted.

About the poster
– I’ve been a ROBLOX dev for 4 years now, working on big games, such as Survivor, Crumble! and Blockplex, along with some minor ones.
– My role in this project is as a builder, manager, textural designer, and advertising campaign manager.
– As the project leader, you can expect me to hold myself to the same standards as you all will be given.

  • Although this may be unimportant towards some of you, the percentage earnings for all of the members will be democratically voted upon to ensure that everyone receives their fair share.

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