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Welcome to Summerlin Cafe!
“A fresh day, full of Summerlin.”

:pineapple: Centred around the tropical islands of Costa Rica, Summerlin provides an entertaining, interactive role-play experience where you can order food, hang out with friends, explore, and most importantly get a job and serve customers. We focus on professionalism to make sure everyone is treated fairly while providing a laid-back, fun environment for everyone to enjoy all day every day! Why not join us and become a part of the Summerlin Community!

Rules and Regulations

Within this category, you’ll see our most important rules and regulations that you must follow while in Summerlin premises.


While in our games, you must respect everyone. Hate Speech, discrimination, and/or harassment are all bannable offenses.


All clothing worn in any of our games must be appropriate. On the first offense, wearing something that breaks our rules or Roblox guidelines will result in us asking you to change. The next offense will result in a consequence.


Trolling, causing disturbances, or bothering others are prohibited at Summerlin. On the first offense, you’ll be warned. The next offense will result in a kick.


Exploiting is strictly prohibited at Summerlin. You will be reported to Roblox and will be banned from all Summerlin premises if caught doing so. Any actions performed by your account are under your liability.


By purchasing anything, whether it be an item or a gamepass, you agree that Summerlin does not offer refunds and all purchases are final. If you lose that item, we will take it as a donation.

Roblox Terms of Service

Summerlin abides by and follows the Roblox Terms of Service/Use. You agree and must abide by all Roblox Terms of Service while in our games.

Rank Information

Within this category, you’ll find information regarding all Summerlin’s ranks.

Customer Ranks

  • Customer - Our valued Summerlin customers. They can be served by our remarkable Baristas, or apply to become a trainee and join our workforce.

  • Noted Customer - A noted member within Summerlin is someone who has importance within our group, or has done a great contribution towards us.


  • Allied Representative - Official representatives from Summerlin alliances.

  • Developer - These people are the ones who develop and create Summerlin games. They make sure everything is up to date and is made correctly.

Low Ranks

  • Trainee - They have completed our job application, and are now required to attend one of our training sessions to join our workforce.

  • Junior Barista - They have successfully passed trainings and are now apart of our staff team. They prepare and serve drinks to our valued customers.

  • Barista - They have successfully passed trainings and have ranked up. Half points needed to pass trainings.

  • Senior Barista - They have successfully passed trainings and have ranked up. 3/4 points needed to pass trainings.

  • Head Barista - They have successfully passed trainings and have ranked up. Full points needed to pass trainings.

Middle Ranks

  • Staff Intern - These are new recruits towards the management team. They’ve passed applications or have been recommended for management. They’ll be going through an internship to see if they’re fit and know everything to become an MR.

  • Staff Assistant - The first rank to have admin at all of our premises. Their responsibility is to supervise the cafe whilst also participating actively within trainings by assisting. The rank limit is 50 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

  • Supervisor - Supervisors are more experienced MRs who have learned lots about their tasks and duties as an MR. They have the same duties as Staff Assistants, and now are one rank closer towards hosting trainings. The rank limit is 35 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

  • Assistant Manager - Assistant Managers are the first rank that is able to host training sessions. They are given more complex tasks, when compared to Supervisor. The rank limit is 20 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

  • General Manager - Managers have lots of experience and hold lots of knowledge of our operations. They’re the last MR rank and are eligible for an HR promotion. The rank limit is 15 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

High Ranks

  • Executive Assistant - General Managers are able to apply for a department which consists of Public Relations and Staff Management. People in Public Relations help plan important events, handle affiliates and much more. People in Staff Management have the final say when it comes to promotions, they issue consequences to staff members, regulate the community, etc. The rank limit is 8 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

  • Executive Officer - Executive Officers are chosen carefully from Executive Assistants who have demonstrated hard work, and dedication to their department. They contribute to regular Executive duties as well as more challenging responsibilities not given to Executive Assistants. The rank limit is 4 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

  • Board of Directors - The Board of Directors work closely with the Presidential Team to make important decisions, such as High Rank promotions, crucial announcements, and more. Furthermore, they are the leads of the department they are in. They have all the same perks as the previous ranks. The rank limit is 2 people and can not be exceeded unless necessary.

Presidential Team

  • Presidential Assistant - They’re the overseers of their department and oversee the department that they’re assigned to. They make major decisions regarding Summerlin with the rest of the Presidential Team.

  • Vice President - Co-Founder of the group. Oversees and manages the entire group, alongside all departments. Manages development with the President. This rank is unachievable.

  • President - Founder of the group. Oversees and manages the entire group, alongside all departments. This rank is unachievable.

Affiliate Information

In order to become an affiliate of Summerlin, we ask that you message a member of the Public Relations department within the Summerlin Discord. These people would be those who are Executive Assistant+ with the Public Relations role. Before you do so, please be sure that you meet the requirements stated below. Please note we may sometimes make some slight exceptions, so please verify with a Public Relations member.

  1. 500+ Roblox Members
  2. 150+ Discord Members
  3. Good overall reputation within the community.
  4. Active Discord & Roblox
  5. Well-organized community + Non-toxic community

More information including the questions that need to be filled out can be found in the affiliate guide here.

Promotion Guide

Trainee - Head Barista
Attend and pass our trainings with the sufficient amount of points to pass.

Head Barista - Staff Intern

Getting promoted from Head Barista to our Staff Intern rank shows that you’ve demonstrated to our Staff Management department that you are capable to become a MR and have shown excellence as a Head Barista. In order to be eligible for our Staff Intern rank, you must be over 13+ and be within our Discord. You should be using grammar, being professional, and not hinting. After a while, you should receive the rank.

NOTE: Currently, our Staff Intern process revolves around applications which are released on a frequent basis. However, in the future, we will adjust to the process listed above when we have launched operations fully.

Staff Intern+

All promotions after Staff Intern are determined by our Staff Management department which promotes based on many factors, such as activity, dedication, etc.

Thank you for reading our General Handbook, if you have any questions or concerns that have not been answered within this handbook, feel free to reach out using our Support system in our Discord server.

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