Summit Community — Affiliate Handbook & Procedures:

:palm_tree: | Affiliate Handbook & Information:

Here at Summit Hotels & Resorts, we attain a variety of regulations and standards to be maintained when establishing an affiliation with us. Unfortunately we will not affiliate with just anyone; your community must be following the specific requirements and standards we acquire for a successful affiliation here at Summit Community. While we expect you to meet all of our requirements, we do permit a member requirement exception if you have just aroud 1-3k members below it and are rapidly growing. The expectations and requirements are high and you are expected to meet the following requirements in order to submit your application:

Pre-application Requirements

• Must attain a good-standing reputation within the Roblox & Discord community
• Must attain 15000+ non-botted members in the Roblox group community
• Must attain 1000 non-botted members in the Discord server community
• Must maintain professionalism at all times throughout operation
• Must provide original and published games, clothing, designs, etc
• Must provide 2 representatives in our Discord server
• Must follow the Roblox Terms of Service as-well-as our group guidelines
• Must maintain a sufficient amount of activity and demand at all times of operation

Affiliate Standards

The criteria below are the requirements we anticipate your unique establishment to provide throughout the affiliation with Summit Hotels and your community. If the standards are not met and your group no-longer exceeds with our regulations, it’s likely an awareness notice/ warning will be issued to the affiliated group .

• Must be willing to announce our respective events
• Staff must maintain professionalism at all Summit establishments
• Staff must maintain professionalism in our communications server
• Must be willing to work on collaborated events with our department
• Must be willing to productivity communicate with the Public Relations Department

Affiliation Application

If you understand and meet all of the specific regulations displayed above, you are more than welcome to fill-out our application exhibited below . Upon filling it out, you are directed to submit your response in a google document. This will make it significantly easier for multiple members of the Summit Hotels & Resorts Public Relations Department to view your application at once.

• Please provide the name and information of your establishment.
• Please provide the current member count of your group and communications server.
• Why would you like to establish an affiliation with Summit Community?
• What makes your establishment different and unique from others?
• How can your establishment benefit our community? How can our department benefit you?
• How would you rate your establishments’ professionalism? Please explain further.
• How would you rate your establishments’ activity? Please explain further.
• Please provide information regarding your respective representatives.

Additional Information

Please be aware that not always will applications be accepted despite meeting the set requirements and regulations that are present. Your application is required to contain proper grammar, punctuation and spelling , in addition; you are required to include as much detail as possible. Your application must be submitted to a member of the Public Relations Department for evaluation and review. This process can take up to 96 hours for a full-reviewal and analysis. Your patience will be requested for during this time.