Summoners [DEMO]

What mysteries lurk in the world of Inamorta?

My development team finally finished our game demo of Summoners! You can check it out here:!/about

Game Twitter:

This is a game demo, and is by no means an exact portrayal of the final game. Not all features are complete, and the game is subject to bugs. This demo is intended to showcase the potential of further development for investors.

For investment or business inquiries, message me at n_arc#6614.

Summoners is a high-fantasy RPG where players explore a large and varied world to collect summoning books that expand their abilities. Summoned entities each have unique properties and an array of abilities that players can use in both PVE and PVP combat. Each summon is tied to the player’s karmic level, ranging from negative to positive, meaning that every decision a player makes will lead them further down their chosen path.

Lore Wiki:

Let me know what you think! I’ll be taking a few day’s break and once I return I’ll be posting about investment opportunities for the development of Alpha.

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