Sun has a rendering issue

Hey everyone.

Ever since last month, every single Roblox game has an incorrectly rendered sun. If you are standing behind a part, for example, you should be seeing a black square where the sun should be, and when you look towards the sun (away from part), you will see the sun as normal. This error has been irratating me a lot now, is this an issue with Roblox or is this just happening on my device?

This should be in #bug-reports:engine-bugs, or through the bug report wizard if possible.

I’m particularly confused about the issue you’re describing, do you have any screenshots of the problem occurring?

Weird, the website doesn’t let me change this topic to #bug-reports:engine-bugs

Screenshot 2021-10-03 6.32.45 PM

I assume you are a member, so dm the bug support group. Also, use the proper bug report format.

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(or go message @Bug-Support for bugs)

What was the issue as I have the same problem and It’s been irritating me too. I am replying to this so I might get the answer quicker.

This topic has been solved, and no this issue is not fixed yet.