Sun & Moon Studios is hiring a legion of developers!

We are Sun & Moon Studios A group of developers determined to bring top-notch content on a regular basis. Why? It’s just what we do.

We are looking to recruit a full-term, legion of developers to assist with our upcoming assemblage of large-scale games. We promise a happy, productive and healthy work environment that will allow you to truly spread your wings and flourish as a developer.

We are looking for people with 6+ months of experience in

Ranging from animated UIX designing to hitboxes to map building to video editing to monetization to influencing to voice acting to GFX and UGC creating. WE WANT IT ALL.

We have already recruited a group of executives to sit at the top of the team. We need dedicated, productive staff that will be available to aid the executives in any way possible when it comes to executing and/or planning projects.
The more people available to help with something, the better and faster it’ll progress.
And, one day, you yourself may even level up to executive and plan and execute your own projects!

There is no guaranteed salary, rather payment will be based on revenue earned by projects that you have helped with, as well as projects you managed or funded.

So contact us now at the Sun & Moon Studios discord server, the Roblox Devforum, or on Discord at Xenonic778#9110

Remember, regardless of your development field, your ethnicity, your interests, or your life choices.


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