Sunflower Overalls ; Feedback please?

For my spring collection, I’ve made this!
I’d appreciate feedback (・ω ・✿)


The overalls’ colour blends together nicely and and the pattern on the t-shirt is well-picked. I especially like the shoes and the implementation of the skirt.

However, one of the problems I see is that the inner part of the t-shirt is somewhat darker than the outer part, because the inner part of the t-shirt is more forward than the outer, therefore it should be lighter. In the other hand, it could be the shadows from the t-shirt’s folds, but folds shouldn’t cover most of the t-shirt in shadows.
Another problem is that the way you flipped over part of the overalls. It feels like the weight of the metal pin on the flipped over part is too weak, and it isn’t bringing more of the overalls’ down - like it was purposely made to avoid the sunflower. If part of an overalls’ is turned over, it should conceal something. A solution I can propose it this: