Sunrays Stretching

i was working on a game, and i found this issue-
i have a window facing towards a long hallway, however there are sunrays on the outside of the window, and they stretch till the end of the hallway, if that didn’t make sense, here are some screenshots:

the white lines are the sunrays^

is there any way i can fix this?
either the sunrays or,
hide the sunrays somehow?

I’m not exactly sure what you want to do, but if you want to hide the sunrays you can remove them in lighting, if you added them there.

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If the angle of the sunrays are shallow enough, they will stretch down the length of the hallway. Make your moon higher in the sky, instead of closer to the horizon.


no, i want the sunrays to be there, however they stretch across the entire hallway

i guess that can be a solution for now, thanks!

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