Sunset Coast | Training Guide

Welcome to the Training Guide for Sunset Coast Hotel and Waterpark!

This guide covers all the information, that is needed to host a training at Sunset Coast Hotel and Waterpark. If there are any questions about this guide, please contact a member of our SHR team (Head of Communications+).


[Training] Hosted at (time) Eastern by (host), Co-Hosted by (Co-Host).
[Training] Training is now s-locked, sorry if you could not make it!
[Training] Training is now over, congratulations to the people who passed and better luck next time to the people who failed.


  • Use: m if you can.
  • All Head of Reception+ can answer PTS.
  • If you can, please use the command bar by clicking on the ’ button, so you have more space to put more information on your: m messages.

Host’s Announcements:

(Please change all the things in brackets to the appropriate words. All of these announcements will be made with the: m command.)

Hello! Welcome to the (time) Eastern training! I am your host, (host) and this is your co-host, (co-host).

Please can I remind you all that PTS (Permission To Speak) is now activated. If you speak, without being granted permission to speak, you will be warned.

Before we start, I and my co-host are going to do a safe-chat check! Please note that this will NOT affect your training, this is so it makes it easier for us to know who has got safe-chat and who has not got safe-chat!

Please say C7RN, once. If myself or the co-host come up to you and ask you, and you cannot see the text please say “Tags”.

Grammar Test

Please correct the following sentence, “cn i hev a jub pls”.

Congratulations to the people who passed the grammar test!

My Co-Host will now go over the rules.


(Please note, these rules will be announced on m messages also.)

Listed below are the basic rules for all staff and resort guests. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a permanent ban from our facilities.

Reminder: Warnings are NOT given.

We ask that all staff and resort guests refrain from profanity, bullying, harassment, trolling and exploiting.

We expect you all to be respectful to each other at all times.

Do not invade another person’s privacy.

Staff Rules:

All staff are expected to behave in a sophisticated manner. For example, if a customer begins to threaten you, or a troll harasses you personally, do not get upset. Contact an HR and explain the situation.

Low ranking staff must have the uniform on at all times. Please also use grammar, this goes for all staff members.

Speak proper English.

Come to a facility of ours for at least 15 minutes a day, failure to do so may result in a demotion.

If you witness an Incident of bullying or admin abuse by any member of staff. Please take screenshots and send proof to a Higher Rank, Super High Rank or the Co-Owner.

Please report any bugs to a Developer, High Rank, Super High Rank or the Co-Owner.

That concludes the rules.

Host’s Announcements:

(All of these announcements will be made on a: m message.)

Staff may line up, this is NOT Junior Receptionists or Awaiting Trainees!

Trainees may line up, this is Junior Receptionists and Awaiting Trainees!

Staff please go to your stations, this is not Junior Receptionists.

Okay, you may train from either Senior Receptionist or Security today.

Junior Receptionists, please go to your stations.

Please can all staff remember to give out III grammar warnings, if anyone fails their training please alert the Host or Co-Host immediately, so the trainee can be kicked. When you are done with your training, please take your trainee to the red line and line up next to each other, if they have passed they will be Force Fielded, Ranked and then Kicked. If they have failed, they will be instantly kicked.

Receptionist Training
  1. Ask for his/her’s greeting. Example: Hello! Welcome to Sunset Hotel, how may I help you? (Answers may vary)

  2. Make sure they know how to check people in. Steps: Click on the computer, ask them to follow the tutorial and lastly check them in to make sure.

  3. The Troll Test. Steps: You will be the troller, and ask them to give you warnings. They should give warnings 3 times, correct format :W(Number): Reason. (Answers may vary)

(OPTIONAL) Trivia, this is optional so please do not count this towards if he/she has failed or passed.

Sample Questions: How many warnings do trollers get? How many warnings do hackers/exploiters get?

(This will be the end of the test.)

Security Training
  1. Show them the weapons, show them when to use them. Taser and Baton. DO NOT tell them how, let them guess first.

  2. Teach them how to handle a troller.

(OPTIONAL) Trivia, this is optional so please do not count this towards if he/she has failed or passed.

Sample Questions: How many warnings do trollers get? How many warnings do hackers/exploiters get?

(This will be the end of the test.)

Notes to Remember

Give out grammar strikes, not using capitals when necessary/ Not using capital I’s in sentences, writes Dont, wouldnt, u, b5, yall, should not. These will count as a grammar strike, if they reach 3 grammar strikes, they are auto-failed, if it gets to this point please contact the Host or Co-Host to kick the player.

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