Sunset Vibes Mall Update Log


What is Sunset Vibes Mall?

Sunset Vibes Mall is a work in progress shopping mall with amazing scenery, a amazing shopping experience with amazing clothing shops, a massive food court with tons of amazing food options, a giant theme park with tons of roller coasters, sport activities, and a big BMX course! Sunset Vibes Mall will have 1 - 6 floors built, including a theme park, a big shopping experience with amazing shopping areas, a food court level all dedicated to only food, another level dedicated to performing arts. Outside will be a amazing carnival/fairground experience with a wooden roller coaster, various fairground rides, and amazing BBQ food! What are you waiting for, come join us today!

Why should I join?

You should join Sunset Vibes Mall because we are a hard working team striving to build a big fanbase, working on the mall 24/7, building, scripting, and developing to provide you with the best shopping and entertainment experience possible. We have already made alot of progress building within the first few months of the group opening.

Are you hiring people to work at the mall or help develop?

Yes, applications will be out very soon once we complete 70% of the mall, offering employees to work at the theme park to help operate roller coasters, greet guests, and provide the guests with a amazing experience. We are hiring developers to help us build this incredible mall, including builders, artists, scripters, and anyone who can help. We are also letting clothing makers have their own shop to sell clothing, and we are setting up multiple partnerships with groups, we will allow basically anyone to partner with us. (DIZ REQUIRED, DM ME OR JOIN THE GROUP AND CLICK THE COMMUNICATIONS SERVER!)

Sunset Vibes Mall Group

Sunset Vibes Mall Game

Sunset Vibes Mall Theater

Current progress of the mall:

15% done


  • Signed up for a offical Roblox event, RAAPA!
  • Added a brand new theme song that goes well with the mall!
  • Building a booth for RAAPA! Event happens on July 9th and July 10th!
  • Added detailed wheels to the black Intamin roller coaster!
  • Added detailed wheels to the wooden roller coaster.
  • Changed color of the Intamin trains.
  • Added new pillars.
  • Adding neon for the right side of the Matterhorn track.

Listen to the brand new mall theme soundtrack! Created by @ChiefSaints

Check out RAAPA and RSVP for early entrance in the Awards show! RAAPA happens in July 9th and July 10th!

Past Updates

  • I am building a theater!
  • Added a camera system to the theater
  • Added a microphone system
  • Built seats and railings
  • Added a investors lounge for investors and group allies.
  • Building a concert stage/presentation stage for future events.
  • Added a bubble gun and Pocky tool. I am hoping to sell these 2 items in a shop and various more items in the future.
  • Added join badge system
  • Removed autotopia car ride (Another better attraction will be built soon!)
  • Added palm tree thing at entrance