Sunsetting Characters in Bloxy Kart - How should I do it?

Characters are one of the most controversial features I have ever added to Bloxy Kart, ultimately not letting players not use their Roblox avatar, and I am going to remove them in the next major build. How should I go about sunsetting them?

  • Refund players who bought characters
  • Let players who owned characters be able to equip them

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If I let players equip characters, I can kind of see players not equipping them at all, but at the same time, there are a TON of limited characters that will be removed. And when I say TONS, I mean half of the characters in the game.

Currently, the most recent developer beta build of Bloxy Kart, characters aren’t accessible at all. It just loads as your default avatar. They are still in the games code, but unused assets as of right now.

If there is another way that I should go about sunsetting characters, let me know in the replies down below!

Thanks in advance!

What if instead of just deleting them you keep the ones you like or the most popular, then give the player the option to use there avatar.

And also give them the option to make their own character using accessories that can be earned or bought which would add some more replay value too.

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I personally voted for the first option since it is rather disheartening when you see a character you’ve possibly been attached to just suddenly disappears

also why can’t you add an option to use your own character? similar to how nintendo did that with the miis in mario kart


This system was tried many different times, but it didn’t fit that well into the game.

The same reason why characters are being sunsetted in Bloxy Kart. People would just use their own avatar rather than characters.

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Ok, I see how that wouldn’t really fit with the game.

the thing is… they (the creator(s)) won’t take the characters back…

think of it this way… on your birthday you got your favourite gun, then a few days later the makers of that gun stop the production of that gun, stopping the selling of it, they won’t go to your house and take the gun away… like the frog pet in adopt me, i still have it but its out of game…

I don’t really see why them not using the characters is an issue
could you elaborate on that?

Characters were added to not allow players to use their avatar, and to add some replay value. Customizable karts would be what I would replace it with.

Thanks for the feedback everyone. The characters system is actually the very first complex system ever added into Bloxy Kart. It has not been updated on the server side a whole lot besides adding support for DataStore2.

Something most likely related to Roblox version 515 caused characters to break inside of games of Bloxy Kart completely. Rewriting the system would require Beta Testing, and having forced characters in Bloxy Kart is also a problem for user friendliness.

Characters have been a problem in the past. First with characters getting stuck in the ground, to characters not even loading. Some even not allowing you to use the system. Well in v3.5.8 of Bloxy Kart, characters were removed, and you will load as your normal avatar.

This is just a status of what is happening with characters in the most recent stable version of Bloxy Kart, ultimately making Bloxy Kart a mess once again.