Sunshine Islands - Beginner Guide [Jan 2019]

Start screen

When you go in the game, you should see this screen.

  • Full quality mode - Loading the whole map so you can enjoy a good view in Sunshine Islands, it take 1 to 2 minutes to load. Not recommended to bad computers and you may get crashed.

  • Streaming mode - Load place near you, this mode can decrease the overall lag when you play. Lag will still produced when it update.

Menu at the bottom

  • How to unlock/hide the menu
    Press lock%20menu and it should become “Lock menu: Off”. When your mouse leave the menu, the menu will be hidden too.

    To open it again, touch the setting button.

Teleport to bus spawns

  1. Press the select button in this section - teleport

    A GUI will be shown up like this

  • Routes refers to bus route start or terminate there

  • Company that can be spawned refers to what bus can be spawned there (e.g. For REBC, you can spawn REBC buses there only) (All means you can spawn all companies bus, include vehicles and special cars)

  1. Click on the place you want to go and you will be teleported

How to spawn a bus

  1. Find a spawn

  2. Touch it and a GUI will pop up.

  3. Select the bus company on the left and select the bus you want to drive

    You may see some annotation under the name of the bus

  • Group only refers to you have to join the group in order to drive this bus

  • No keyboard script refers to no keyboard controls (e.g. doors) when you drive, as well as the local guide (You will know what is local guide when you continue read this tutorial)

Drive a bus

After you sit in the bus, You can see all keyboard controls on the left top corner of the screen!
The POV camera buttonin the pic will only appear to me

To stop the bus at a slope, long press P until it is stop. Press P again when you need to go.
Holding P with high speed may cause drifting.

Drive a route

For bus with keyboard controls only:
After you choose the route by pressing Y, you should see a green dot appear around you and that is the start of the route.
local%20ball%20G Green ball: Start of the route

Yellow ball: Stops
local%20ball%20R Red ball: End of the route
Blue ball: Turning point of circular routes (Press Y to continue!)

Since some bus routes via other terminus, please make sure that is the real terminus of your route (Green/Red ball or “Start/End pt” on the surfaceGUI)

After you go out the station, follow the arrows you see
(Since I am updating the local guide arrows, you might see Brick arrows and SurfaceGUI arrows in one route, all Brick arrows will be replaced by surfaceGUI arrows soon)

For bus with no keyboard controls:
Press directionGUIde%20local and it should change to directionGUIde%20all (Current: View All)

You should notice that there are some SurfaceGUI showing which route should go which direction.

Map, View the route list

To open the map, press map.

This GUI should appear:

  • Use those arrows on the right to move the map.
  • The red pin in the map show the location of you.
  • Touch those bus logo to see what bus terminus is it and what routes start from there.

You might found the the map GUI blocked the screen, to resize the GUI, just drag resize%20tab on the right bottom corner of the map GUI and the GUI will be resized.

You can also move the GUI by dragging the map.

You can find other map settings in label%20setting .

To find all routes in Sunshine Islands, just press the Route List button on the left bottom corner of the map GUI.

Hide all GUIs

You may find that there is some GUI blocking you when you want to take photos so there is a button on the left and that can hide all the GUIs (except leaderboard and chat).

For more info:

If there are any problem, free feel to PM me!

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