Super Animator! (For Hire)

About Me

Hey everyone! I’m a 3D Roblox animator that’s been animating for 5+ years. I specialize in animated trailers but I also do in-game animations and GFX Renders!

My Work (In links)

In-Game Animations


Always! I may not reply immediately but I’m always online and always have ways to contact my clients! I take on as many commissions as possible.


Prices are negotiable. They can vary depending on what I have to do and this is especially true for in-game animations and trailers. Renders are excluded from this as I don’t see myself going too high over 40$.


You can contact me here on the Developer Forum or via Twitter at:

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:


Neat, what do you charge for animations.

For in-game I go by how advance it is so usually 10-15 for simple, 20-25 for mediocre and 30 upward for advance

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Highly highly considering this. And those game trailers look amazing!

How much did the Cursed Islands trailer cost the people who commissioned you? And do you have a discord?


The only question is…
How much your animations take time? I mean, its for sure above 15 days.
Skills are insane, i really would like to start blender but i dont have enough time.