Super Blocky Ball Changelog

Changelog for Super Blocky Ball - Roblox

April 10 2024:

  • New map by SirBurnin: Residential Rally
    • cosmetic reskin by me
  • +5 hidden marble skins
  • Commands are now available in chat’s autocomplete
Older 2024 updates
  • Valentines update: some map changes, NEW race timer ignores added countdown/ping
2023 updates

July 24 2023:

  • added a button that allows you to reset your collected marble skins

Feb 19 2023:

  • made a change to how spinning/swinging objects work
  • added more spinning objects in other maps

Feb 14 2023:

  • added Coastal Cove cherry blossoms :cherry_blossom:
  • temporary free hearts particles :heartpulse:
  • added shortcut to Glass Houses
  • added booster to Tomb Ruins Remastered
  • race times ignore ping and countdowns now
  • show client frames per second with command: /fps (as with all fps counts, it’s not synced with monitor refresh rate, but rather the game)
  • Bug with new update: Stunt Stadium flame wheel spam (Fixed)
  • Bug with new update: Hitting a booster at the same time as jumping would rarely cancel all jump velocity (Fixed)
  • Clockwork Canyon loop updated, cog collision boxes smoothed
  • The marble halves pop open on 0 HP
  • Tried some frameskip code, didn’t work out, so reverted back to before

Feb 5 2023:

  • new spiral in Shedletsky’s Castle
  • Teapot Circuit is looking frosty :snowflake:
  • added Coconut skin to Springrock Steeps

Feb 1 2023:

  • changed ice courtyard in North Palace
  • smoothed roads on Blazing Mountain and Coastal Cove

January 30 2023:

  • bigger ball field, working goals
  • Total Board updated
  • chat commands are now on a sign in-game

January 29 2023:

  • new lobby!
  • new map, Springrock Steep!
  • new hidden marbles on Springrock, AND Checker Cliffs and Tomb Ruins Remastered
2022 updates

September 13 2022:

  • added ability to use Spatial Voice
  • fixed width of some popup text during races
  • fixed thickness of Pipe Squared boosters
  • made the Disable Cube button invisible during races
  • made the @ Display Name faded while using the /e hideplayers command (or hp for short)

September 7 2022:

  • changed the way character appearance loads, so if roblox’s avatar-fetching goes down, respawns aren’t slowed.
  • added DisplayName over character heads.

May 25 2022:

  • added controller layout popup
  • controller LB acts as D-Pad Up now
  • controller RB holds the camera still

May 16 2022:

  • added global Total Times board

April 17 2022:

  • now preventing users using FPS Unlocker from placing on saved global leaderboards
  • fixed up/down controller movement on colors menu

March 2 2022:

  • Added an easter egg to the lobby… :purple_square::partly_sunny:

March 1 2022:

  • Raised height of Coastal’s checkpoint hitboxes
  • Countdown popup doesn’t show anymore if not racing (and not spectating)
  • Spectate update! Toggleable player list to choose from!
2021 updates

September 28 2021:

  • new VIP server feature: press R while racing to restart the race from 3 2 1 Go! (When you’re the only racer!)
  • new VIP server feature: press R while in the lobby to instantly re-select the previously played map!
  • the show checkpoint chat command ( /e scp ) or /e show checkpoints, is now a permanent toggle and also shows checkpoint outlines

July 21 2021:

  • fixed 2nd page of leaderboards sometimes getting unaligned
  • made booster arrows move
  • Rock Oasis got a color change
  • Some pillars on Blazing Mountain got CanCollide

June 21 2021:

  • new map, Checker Cliffs!
  • updated Rock Oasis
  • new screenshots for all map leaderboards

June 16 2021:

  • new stats board: total and averaged personal times
  • fixed an old bug where exiting a race in a VIP server would require toggling off racing again, to finish the countdown timer.

May 4 2021:

  • made Roblox Circuit’s road non-collide
  • smoothed 2 Shedletsky’s Castle wood bridges
  • smoothed bridge in Stunt Stadium
  • smoothed first bridge-sand connection in Palm-Top Pier
  • smoothed alleyway entrance+exit collision in Coastal Cove

April 9 2021:

  • fixed a softlock where resetting sometimes made you unable to die

April 3 2021:

  • fixed 6 meshes being offset

March 25th 2021:

  • new map Tomb Ruins Remastered
  • Tiki Temple and Pipe Squared now have hidden marbles to collect
  • Tiki Temple’s lighting changes every lap

March 14th 2021:

  • new map Pipe Squared
  • new map Tiki Temple
  • replaced the Checkpoint Chaos map test
  • removed spinning pillars on Desert Dunes
  • characters are now R15 and you can use emotes like /e dance2 or the emote wheel (normal key is “>” or “.”)
  • Personal Bests now show saved lap times
  • new chat command “/e show checkpoints” or “/e scp” to temporarily make checkpoints visible
  • tweaked a checkpoint & wall in Shedletsky’s Castle map at the spiral staircase
  • fixed some checkpoint collisions in Rock Oasis and Desert Dunes

January 14 2021:

  • terrain is less bouncy
  • the height of the camera in 1st-person is now raised instead of in the middle
  • dancing Maelstronomer is back in the lobby
  • added skate park stuff to the lobby
  • Rock Oasis’s black sand doesn’t do damage anymore, it just slows you
  • spectate allows you to toggle between racers only, and everyone
  • spectate has rolling sounds
  • added reset button on the color changing window
  • the “fps unlocked” icon persists after respawning
2020 updates

December 21st 2020:

  • New map, Dizzy Volcano, and 5 hidden marbles
  • Added the last map’s name to the Last Race board.
  • Added honking if you have the “Collect all marbles” badge unlocked. (Press E, H, or type /e honk)
  • Changed the “>>” symbol to “FPS Unlocked” at the start of maps, to indicate someone is using an FPS unlocker. (Just cosmetic)

December 9th 2020:

  • New race results board
    • Also fixed bug where a race result could appear out of order
  • Lap times appear after finishing a race!
  • Notice: Map leaderboards appear blank in old December 9 servers, so try a new server or VIP server to see them again

November 17th 2020:

  • New checkpoint mechanic on “new” map, Checkpoint Chaos
  • Temporarily hide other players by typing /e hideplayers
  • For a silly easter egg, type /e fog

November 12th 2020:

  • fixed rooftops in Coastal Cove
  • fixed some boosters being faster if letting go of W for a second
  • fixed trail length
  • updated Barrel Boardwalk’s halfpipe section

October 2020:

  • new map: Pipes
  • reworked the McManor map
  • reworked spectate function
  • new lobby
  • new map: Desert Dunes
  • 5 hidden marbles on Dunes
  • a Teapot marble unlocked after 100 races
  • faster marble turning
  • 7 badges
  • grass and ice have different physics
  • “Total Races” leaderboard

May 2020:

  • night mode for Teapot Circuit & Stunt Stadium maps
  • reworked Slime Factory’s outside area to be faster
  • added a launch tower to Glass Houses
  • improved VIP server map selection (instantly start any map)
  • added Dev’s Time to map boards (my average race times)
  • boosters have a larger hitbox

April 2020:

  • new map: Coastal Cove
Older ancient updates pre-2020
  • I forgor, it’s been a long time :skull:
List of spinoff games / versions

SBB spinoffs (odd tests and such, with varying levels of updatedness):

SBB with no jump slowdown - Roblox

Super Blocky Ball but with 1 lap - Roblox

SBB Marathon - Roblox

SBB but with no jumps - Roblox

new controls - Roblox

(abilities but wildly different physics. just a prototype ^^^)

lolwut - Roblox

(The obby version of SBB ^^^)

Super Blocky Ball Mirror Mode (old) - Roblox

sbb test zone - Roblox

(if I’m testing something, I’ll try to upload here ^^^ first, but it’ll usually be privated otherwise)

SBB with no air control and no air slowdown - Roblox

SBB but with insane top speed - Roblox

SBB with double jump - Roblox

new sbb with old marble physics - Roblox

tileset with ball - Roblox