Super Buggy Camera (In Edit Mode), Making Some Experiances Uneditable


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with the camera movement when trying to move around my experiance (Not while playing, but while editing). There isn’t an exact way to describe what’s happening, but I can tell that the camera is acting out and being extremely buggy. It seems completley random, some experiances, you can’t move the camera around at all, in some you can’t scroll to move faster, in some you can use keys to move but can’t rotate it with the mouse, and in others, there is a seemingly random fixed speed that is either extremely slow, or too fast to be able to effectively build anything. Even older games that never had this problem are now unplayable because of how messed up the camera is.

Note that I have tried many things, like restarting Studio, deleting the Camera in the Workspace, and reinstalling Studio. But none of these options work. Also, keep in mind that these camera bugs, for me, even happen on a blank workspace that I’ve just made, and I haven’t changed the Camera Types at all.

Please let me know if you have some sort of solution!

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Can you check whether you have the Camera and Navigation improvements beta enabled? If so, try disabling it and seeing what happens.

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