Super Burger training guide [MR+]


“:m Hello, I’m (name) and I am the host of this training session. Please also welcome my co-host, (name). We wish you the best of luck with this training!”

You will announce the following rules: You may use the command “:m”.

If there are players in-game who are being disruptive by talking please announce this:

“Please may everyone be silent whilst the rules are being announced.”

  1. Trolling during your training is prohibited, if this does happen then you will be kicked from the session.

  2. The use of abusive words or being rude will result in a kick, so do not try and be rude.

  3. If you fail the training, do not cause drama as this is normal for some people and you are welcome to attend another session.

  4. You are required to listen to what your trainers have to say, this could be to help you improve or a verbal warning or just the training in general.

  5. Grammar is required at all times, if there is no use of grammar you will be asked to leave.

  6. If you require a strike that means there has been a failure in some sort of way, if you hit three strikes you will be asked to leave.

May all trainers and assistants head to their stations.

Now may all trainees head to their stations.


(Please feel free to copy and paste the speeches in bold)

“Hello, my name is (name)and I will be your trainer for this session! Do you have any questions before we continue?”


“Now, the first thing I would like to see from you is your greeting. Please state how you will welcome customers while serving in the kitchen.”

(Make sure the trainee has stated a punctual and grammatically correct greeting. Also, make sure that their greeting is 2+ sentences long. If the trainee makes a mistake, correct them and give them a grammar strike)

“Great work on your greeting! Now, let’s start with the rules.”

(Copy and paste these rules, one by one)

  1. A player must be given at least three warnings before they are kicked. If they rejoin you will continue and if they hit 3 kicks, they will be banned.

  2. If a player is trolling, cap abusing, being rude, etc, they must go through the warning system before they are kicked. E.g: “WI | [NAME] | [REASON]”

  3. If you come across one of our staff AAing, you must screenshot for evidence and contact the support team. [This can be through support team tickets on dizzy]

  4. When coming across an exploiter, you must try also screenshot for evidence and contact the support team. [Or HR+]

  5. If you run into a spammer, you must contact the support team or an MR+ immediately. [You do not require ss for this]

  6. If you find someone bypassing the chat filters, contact an MR+ to kick them. [You may or may not require proof of this]

  7. The maximum amount of food a customer is able to order is a limit of III items. This is to prevent food floods.

  8. And just to clarify, please try to layout your warnings like the following: “W1 | [NAME] | [REASON]”

“Now that we are done with the rules, we may begin the main part of the training. Hopefully, you paid attention to the rules and good luck.”


“I will now test your service skills. Please act as if I’m a customer and greet me as if you would greet another customer.”

“I will ask you for different orders and you must complete them within 2 minutes.”

(Trainers) You will go up to your trainee or whatever LR rank they are and act as if you are a customer for all of your trainees or other.

You must make sure to use grammar at all times throughout the training.

(Trainers) After finishing with that, make sure to tell them that the topic is finished.


“We will now test your skill during a trolling situation. Pretend as if I were a troller from here on.”

(Trainer) Now just do what you did in the Ordering one but be a troller or rude, or cap abuse or whatever.

(Trainer) Once done, tell them this topic is done.


Do not use your admin commands during this test, simply pretend you are exploiting. However, you are allowed to use the teleport command.

“We have reached the exploit test, you will greet me as normal but do what you were taught when you see I am exploiting.”

(Trainer) Do the test with them.

(Trainer) Once done, tell them this topic is done.

  • TRIVIA -

“I will now private message 7 (VII) questions, please reply with an answer to the best of your ability.”

(TRAINER) Use the command “:pm” to give them the questions.

Example: “:pm [NAME] [QUESTION]”

“1. How many warnings does a troller receive?”

“2. How many warnings does an exploiter receive?”

“3. What do you do if someone is abusing their admin commands in-game?”

“4. What is the maximum amount of items a customer can ask for?”

“5. What do you do if you see a player spamming in chat?”

“6. What are your strengths and how can you help the cafe?”

“7. Do you have any final questions before I go over your answers?”