Super Cheap 2D Artist (2-15 R$)

Cheapest 2D artist

Hey there, I’m Piglet and I’m looing for some experience that’s why i am going to draw whatever you want for very little robux!

I can draw from your roblox avatar to some random thing for you!

Although, there are a few things i won’t do:
-NSFW Stuff
-Anything against Roblox or Discord TOS
-Very Detailed Stuff
-Realistic Stuff

Please note that i can decline any request if i feel like it is not suitable

Some Past Experience:



Small and Simple Drawing - 2 Robux
Medium Drawing - 7 Robux
Large Drawing - 15 Robux
(Tax not included)

Message me here, or on Discord at Agentpig03#1262

PS: This is my first post in ages since i couldn’t log into Devforum for a while for some reason