Super Doomspire Update 10/21/2020

Update 10/21/2020


  • There is now anti-jump spam. After jumping repeatedly in a very short time, your jumps will begin to lose strength.
  • Some changes have been made to how victory is decided in Doomspire modes.
  • If the time runs out, the team(s) with the most spawns remaining will win.
  • Doomspire modes’ time limit has been decreased to 7 minutes (previously 10 minutes).
  • Bomb jumps now have trails to easier track where enemies are headed (except for Shadow Bomb).
  • Increased the amount of time before auto-heal kicks in by about 3 seconds.
  • Added new tower generation layouts.
  • The markers that show where remaining enemies are now get clamped to the sides of the screen.


  • New Jungle soundtrack by ZamComp!
  • 38 new Stickers!
  • Increased the range of Sticker sounds by about 30 studs.
  • The lobby now changes colors depending on the current real-life season.
  • Damage dealt by you will always show an indicator now, no matter how far away you are from the target.
  • Added a number to the HP bar that represents your current health.
  • Certain items are now seasonal, which means they can only be bought during certain times of the year. For example, items marked in the Shop/Logbook with an orange leaf are only available during September, October, & November.
  • Lots of small fixes/changes/optimizations were made, some of which I probably forgot to list here. Let’s just call it a side-effect of 2020.


  • NEW MAP: Crimson Courtyard
  • Infected now gain permanent +5 max HP per infection.
  • Survivors properly start with 25 bricks again.
  • KOing Infected gives more bricks on average.
  • Brick Boxes have been added to the roofs & bases of Survivor towers. These can be opened with melee attacks or explosions, and give 10 bricks each time.
  • Rafflesias added to each map to replace the old Green Team trampolines.
  • Rafflesias are giant infected flowers that the Infected team can use as trampolines. If a Survivor tries to use them, they’ll get bounced, but… well, you’ll have to find out for yourself.
  • Dark Jungle
  • Removed some of the higher leaf platforms to prevent circle camping
  • Added an area underneath the Survivor’s tower
  • Removed the ability to build underneath the overhangs


  • New Tools
    • Bow
    • Lava Ball
    • Glowblade (Sword skin)
    • Spooky Staff (Hoss Hog skin)
    • Candy Claymore (Greatsword skin)
    • Pumpkin (Superball skin)
    • Jack-O-Lantern (Lava Ball skin)
  • Balances/Tweaks
    • Updated the gravity effect on certain projectile Tools (Bombardier, Slingshot, etc) to be less buggy and more consistent.
    • The Chilled status effect now also negatively affects explosion jumps.
    • Shadow Clone now needs 0.4s of warmup before using (after equipping).
    • Shadow Clone’s brick cost lowered from 15 → 5
    • Shadow Clone now explodes when attacked by melee/explosions, dealing 100% of the damage it was hit with
    • Shadow Clone’s reload speed buffed 8s → 5s
    • Shadow Clone’s range slightly nerfed
    • Decreased the knockback on Rock Star’s special attack.
    • Voxcalibur’s lunge damage nerf has been changed to a lunge distance nerf
    • Increased Bloomerang’s reload time
    • Increased Trampoline Trowel’s reload time to 6 seconds
    • Remote Detonator’s charged arm time increased by 0.1s
    • Remote Detonator no longer causes knockback to enemies and has capped bomb jump after 5 bombs are placed
    • Paintball Gun’s reload time increased by 0.1s
    • Added 25% ragdoll time resistance to Greatsword
    • Greatsword walkspeed buffed -25% → -20%
    • Shadow Shuriken now takes twice as long to reload when charged
    • Reduced Mega Smack’s reload time to 2.25s
    • Reduced Serve’s reload time to 2.5s
    • Reduced Fire/Ice Wave’s reload time to 2.7s
    • Darkheart now steals 25% of the victim’s max HP on KO, instead of a flat 15
    • Re-introduced self-burn for Hoss Hog
    • Scope Shot blast radius increased -40% → -30%
    • Fixed bomb launches not working with the Homerunner
    • Fixed being able to launch your teammates’ bombs with your own explosions
    • Boomerang damage 27 → 30
    • Boomerang travels slightly faster



Update 10/23/2020

  • Flipped the location of two of the outer ramps in Jungle, and made the destructible trees in the center more obvious/more balanced.
  • Infected players now have distorted sticker sound effects.
  • Fixed being unable to launch enemy bombs with explosions.
  • Fixed the Bombardier’s/Starblaster’s damage output (accidentally overnerfed it!)
  • When a vote for a gamemode or map ties, it will now pick a random one out of the winners instead of the first one listed.
  • Added some Brick Boxes to every Infection map.
  • Updated Storm Hill & Possum City to have more hiding spots and interactive areas.
  • Maps should load a little faster now.

Update 12/25/2020

NEW MODE: Deathmatch

  • Deathmatch is a battle between two teams to see who can reach 30 KOs first!
  • 3 new maps for Deathmatch!
    • Relativity by yarncatss
    • Spicy Stadium
    • Coastal Coliseum

VIP Servers

  • You can now re-select any map or gamemode in VIP Servers.
  • VIP Servers now have a photo of the owner in the lobby.
  • Expect some more features for VIP Servers soon!!

Other Changes

  • 12 new Stickers by Octalien_YT!
  • Decreased the base damage of the Bombardier, but increased its damage as it travels.
  • Increased the Darkheart’s swing speed by 5%.
  • Added some extra entrances to the abandoned store in Possum City.