Super Doomspire Update 7/29/2022

  • NEW MAP: Izumi
    • Batty Basher (Brickbreaker skin)
    • Bamboo Buster
    • Gammablade (Sword skin)
    • Turnip Ball (Superball skin)
    • Petal Parasol (Umbrellade skin)
    • All Tools that were previously Toy-exclusive are now purchasable Legendaries.
      • Players who got them via the official Super Doomspire toys will still have Unique variants, which now sparkle!
  • 36 new Stickers!
  • Added team-colored outlines to players
  • Replaced the death sound
  • Reduced the default Team Deathmatch KO limit to 25 (from 30)
  • New song by SkyTheFloof added to Spicy Stadium
  • Crystal Blaster
    • Reload time reduction 33% → 10%
  • Shadow Bomb
    • Invisibility now has a status effect HUD icon
  • Maps with water no longer cause random deaths to occur

NOTE: Stickers in the text chat are now disabled to prevent issues while Roblox’s chat system is updated