Super high ping only on Roblox

TL;DR: My ping is extremely high but only on Roblox and Roblox Studio. Just to make this clear, I’m not using any FPS Unlocker or Client modifiers such as Blockstrap

Hey yall, I’ve been having an issue all day today regarding ping. Before today my ping ranged from 1ms - 25ms. When I went to play Roblox, my ping on Arsenal was 700ms, then spiked to 1790ms then to 4652ms and then fluctuated around that range. I went to ER:LC and my ping ranged from 564ms - 1900ms. I had the same issue on Blocktales and even joined a literal baseplate only for my ping to range from 255ms - 659ms. It was the first thing I planned to do on my PC, so I didn’t do anything else on it at the time. I ran many tests and diagnostics on my router, my phone, my pc, my roomate’s xbox, pc and phone only to have around normal ping for each device. I disconnected my PC from ethernet to see if that was the issue and yet my ping ranges doubled and even tripled in some games. I’m not using any FPS Unlocker or Client modifiers such as Blockstrap

Some hardware notes:

I have a AMD RX 7800 XT 16GB paired up with a AMD Ryzen 5 7600X. All of my drivers are up to date as well.

I have XFINITY and the base XFINITY router, because it serves me well. That’s giving me 1,200mbps. My ethernet cable going to my PC is only a gig, but it should be way more than enough for Roblox.

Any help much appreicated :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask any questions!

boosting and need a response ASAP

Strange, when I play fortnite I only get 200 ping from Oceania server. It seem’s to be an issue on roblox’s end. Make sure your not using any vpn and turn up the fps cap.

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FPS cap is maxed out and I don’t use a VPN.

It’s a roblox issue confirmed. My sister was having trouble running ps99 on an radeon rx 5500.


Same issue with the high ping?

Yes and unable to load in. It’s strange for a high end graphic cards to act up on a lego game

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Seriously. Alright, thanks man.

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