Super Mario 64 Reference

I made this poster that teleport you to other game that i made too (cube)
It was inspired by Super Mario 64
What do you guys think?


Every copy of Super Mario 64 is personalized

In SM64, the painting moves around. I would suggest looking at some videos of people jumping into the paintings. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hey, there’s this feature you should use, it replaces Roblox’s default teleport gui for a custom one! It could make the transition smoother.

TeleportService:Teleport(otherPlaceId, player, nil, loadingScreen)
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Quite nice, and I really like how the player starts to fade away. The only thing about the fading is that it could be slower or smoother. Great job!
But, as @Crazedbrick1 (Sorry for the notification!) said, the painting sort of moves around when it all happens, but this jogged a memory of a tutorial that someone called @Phantomazing (Very sorry for the notification once more, and very cool tutorial) created. I think it would be quite helpful for it, but I’m horrible at scripting so I can’t really help with it going to another game, so very sorry about that. :(

The Tutorial and Video

Tutorial Link: Making a Super Mario 64 Painting Warp

Once again, quite nice! Great job. :)