Super Statue Defenders Tips!

This might show up in-game later, but for now, here you go!

  • Buy weapons… This might sound like common sense, but sometimes we forget to buy weapons with the coins we have.
  • If it’s a boss round, sometimes it’s easier to take out all the normal units first, then everyone works together to fight the boss.
  • Bosses already in their super attacks cannot be frozen/stunned.
  • Getting swarmed? Splash weapons such as the rocket launcher or elemental staff can take care of the small units.
  • Take care of the cannon noobs and UFO noobs first. They have a high DPS and are too annoying to be left alone.
  • Since it’s a team game, spread out. Don’t just watch your “own” portal, always look to make sure the statue isn’t taking damage.
  • Yes… it is possible to solo the game, so it should be possible to win with randoms.
  • Can you yell at and be rude to bad teammates? Well… follow the Roblox TOS… unless?
  • You can’t farm exp/cash/kills with cannon noobs :wink:
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