Super Stela Games v5 Release Notes

It’s been a very long time since the last major update.

  • Added R2D 2014 Oil Rig map for SSG green light as part of the 5k visits mini event and it will be permanent.
  • [Devs] Dropped support for maps that doesn’t support dynamic lighting. ( It’s 2019 and every game now should use dynamic lighting.)
    ^ Revamped Inventory and Store. The new inventory and store is much more efficient for space needed to add more customization and social features into the player’s inventory.
  • Added 3D weapon, armor, and item preview
  • Added the option to save and load loadouts

^ Lowered Spas-12 rank down to 22 and the price of spas-12 down to 55k.
^ Lowered sword price down to 8k.

  • Removed walk speed boost drink for game balancing purposes.
  • Added better error handling for data loading.
    ^ Lowered party name characters limit from 45 to 35 to ensure party name will fit across all guis.
  • You can now save and load your loadouts. Every player will get 3 free load out slots. Players can purchase up to 17 additional loadout slots.
  • Added the ability for players to walk slowly white healing with med kit. ( This may make healing a lot less effective ).
  • Healing with medkit now fills up to 95% of your missing health points. Up from 90%. Healing while walking slowly will drop it down to 65%. ( You can now walk slow while healing but your health would not heal as good.
  • Added the option to switch server by typing the command “:leaveserver”
    ^ Commands starting with a semicolon will automatically be hidden from the chat.
    ^ Increased the fall damage starting height from 30 to 40.
  • Removed reward result for boss, quest, juggernaut and adventure game mode.
    ^ Increased maximumm partial win reward for endurance game mode to 55%
  • Added super jump. ( Jump while u sprint to activate it ).
  • Added super jump animation.
  • Added rush ability for military armor
  • Added musket weapon: rank 3 for 4,500 cash
  • Added Shotty-24 weapon: rank 15
    ^ Buffed wingmaster accuracy from 23 to 28.
    ^ Buffed spas-12 accuracy to 65
    ^ Lowered DB shotgun minimum rank to 1 and price to 3k
  • Fixed incorrect player counts in servers
  • Shawdow Map lighting system enabled.
    ^ Glock weapon is replaced with G-1 weapon to comply with updated roblox rules.
    +Added event store!
  • Added Acorn item
  • Added Queen Floral’s Armor
  • Added Bean Stalk Item

->Super Stela Games Floral celebrations starts right now!
2 new minigames:

  • Added Queen Floral’s Garden
  • Added Queen Floral’s Strong hold
  • Removed the option to turn off dynamic fog effect. It automatically turns off if your quality level is too low.
    ^ Revamped Performance Manager

    If quality level is lower than 3 then players will not see the full view of the map and instead will be shown a 2D Gui.
    If quality level is 7 then only 15% of dynamic fog effect will render.
    If quality level is 8 then only 40% of dynamic fog effect will render.
    If quality level is 9 then only 75% of dynamic fog effect will render.
    If quality level is 10 then you will get the full effect of dynamic fog effect.

Super Stela Games will continue to get updates.
Super Stela Games will get a v5.1 update soon.


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