Super Striker League - V6.0 Update Notes (March 18, 2022)

V6.0 Update - Badges & Titles!

🥇 Badges

You can now earn Badges by completing various achievements in Super Striker League! Some will involve reaching a certain milestone (i.e. win 100 games), while others will ask you to complete a special task during a game (such as scoring 3 goals in 1 game).

The badges you’ve earned will be displayed on your in-game profile, viewable via the Achievements menu. Note that you can only earn badges in public matches.

Each badge you earn may reward you with Cash and/or a Title!

If you’ve already reached certain stat milestones before the update, you’ll receive those badges and rewards once you log in!

👑 Titles

Show off your accomplishments by equipping a Title which will be displayed next to your name!

Most badges will give you a unique title that you can use. On top of that, there will be special titles awarded to players who achieve any of the following:

  • Player of the Day
  • Top 10 Weekly Players
  • Top 100 Highest Level Players

To select a Title, simply go to the Customize menu and click the Select Title button!

⭐ Special Title Details

For Player of the Day and Top 10 Weekly Players, note that in order to receive these titles, you must maintain your top position until the leaderboards reset at the end of the day/week. If you reach this position but get knocked out before the leaderboards reset, it doesn’t count.

For Top 100 Highest Level Players, the title will display your current position on the leaderboard. You must actively remain on the leaderboard to keep this title; if you fall out of the top 100, you will lose access to this title.

Any players who have ever achieved POTD/Top 10 Weekly Players before the update have been retroactively given these titles. If you achieve it multiple times, the title will display how many times you’ve done so!

Click here to see the list of all previous Players of the Day and Top 10 Weekly Players! (8/30/2019 - 3/17/2022)

✏️ More New Stuff

Detailed Post-Game Stats

You can now view a more detailed breakdown of all stats after a game! This includes the stats which weren’t displayed on the post-game screen before, such as steals, blocked shots, possession time, etc.

Plus, the stats for the last game will be displayed on a new board in the intermission lobby!

Additional Stat Tracking

Two new stats will be tracked starting with this update:

  • Power-Up Goals
    • A Power-Up Goal occurs when the ball is deflected by a Power-Up into the net! The person who threw the Power-Up will now receive credit for the goal, unless the contact occurred in the middle of a shot.
  • Super Strike Denials
    • A Super Strike Denial is when you block an opponent’s Super Strike and prevent it from scoring (either with your body or with a Power-Up). This will be officially tracked as a new stat.

Also, assist credit will be given for stunning the opposing goalkeeper with a Power-Up right before a teammate scores. The window of time for receiving assist credit has also been increased.

Display Names

Roblox released Display Names last year, and now Super Striker League is updated to use Display Names too!
Previously, Display Names were only visible above people’s heads while in a match. Now you can enjoy using your preferred name throughout the game!
Note that the global leaderboards will still display usernames only.

Minor Adjustments

  • Cash Earnings Boost trinket bonus increased from 3% to 5%
  • Pro Cash Earnings Boost trinket bonus increased from 6% to 10%
  • The required number of points to receive bonuses from the Pro XP/Cash trinkets has been changed from 750 to 500.

📅 What's Coming Next...

After this, I’m excited to work on one of the most highly requested updates… Ranked Mode!

With new technology that’s been added to Roblox, I can finally work on adding a new Ranked matchmaking queue which will match players based on skill level to create the fairest possible 4v4 matches. You’ll be able to compete for rating points and rise up the ranks as you master the game!

Whenever Ranked mode is ready, there will be early testing sessions where everyone can try it out. Follow me on Twitter @CinderingRB if you wanna know when Ranked mode will be ready!

Enjoy the update!

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