Super Striker League - V7.0 Update Notes (May 13, 2022)

Ranked mode has arrived to Super Striker League!

⚽ Overview

In Ranked mode, you can play competitive 4v4 matches against other players near your skill level! Each player will receive a Skill Rating (SR) which goes up or down while playing in Ranked mode. As your SR increases, you’ll reach higher ranks and be matched up against tougher opponents!

Ranked mode uses a brand new matchmaking queue system which considers each player’s skill level and geographic location to create the fairest possible matches.

Ranked mode will be available to all players Level 25 and above. Simply select Ranked mode and you’ll be placed into the matchmaking queue, and the game will look for a match for you! When you start out, you’ll first have to complete 10 placement matches, and then you’ll receive your initial Skill Rating and rank.

🏆 Ranking System

The ranks are as follows:

  • Bronze: 1-800 SR
  • Silver: 800-1200 SR
  • Gold: 1200-1600 SR
  • Platinum: 1600-2000 SR
  • Diamond: 2000-2400 SR
  • Elite: 2400-2800 SR
  • Superstar: 2800+ SR

Each rank (except for Superstar) has 4 divisions within it, I - IV. Every 100 SR, you’ll go up a division. When you complete your first 10 placement matches, you’ll likely be placed somewhere in Bronze, Silver, or low Gold, depending on your performance and your history in standard matches.

Your rank and SR will be displayed to other players, and there will also be a brand new leaderboard and title for the Top 100 Ranked Players globally!

📝 More Details

  • You can enter Ranked mode on your own or with a party of 2-4 people!
    • Note that everyone in your party must have a similar SR (around +/-800) in order to play Ranked together (if playing with a full party of 4, this restriction is loosened a bit). However, Bronze/Silver players can always play Ranked together without restrictions, as well as Superstar players of any rating.
  • Map Hazards are OFF in Ranked mode.
  • There will be a +20% XP and Cash bonus when playing in Ranked mode!
  • There will be a new section on your profile which exclusively tracks your Ranked mode stats!

❌ Inactivity Punishments

In Ranked matches, players are expected to stay for the entire game. Quitting early hurts the experience for others and will result in punishments.

Accidental disconnections may happen once in a while, and you’ll have the opportunity to reenter the match if you immediately rejoin. If you’re not able to return in time, you’ll simply receive a short time restriction from entering Ranked mode again.

However, those who repeatedly quit games early, go AFK, or leave before the game starts will receive progressively harsher punishments:

  • Penalty #1: 5 minute Ranked queue ban
  • Penalty #2: 15 minute Ranked queue ban
  • Penalty #3: 20 minute game ban + SR penalty
  • Penalty #4: 30 minute game ban + SR penalty
  • Penalty #5: 60 minute game ban + SR penalty
  • Penalty #6: 2 hour game ban + SR penalty
  • Penalty #7 and beyond: 24 hour game ban + SR penalty

A player’s penalty tier will increase by 1 each time they quit early, but will be reduced by 1 every 12 hours as long as they stop leaving Ranked matches.

In Ranked mode, if you’re down by a lot and feel like there’s no hope for a comeback, you can vote to forfeit the game instead. If the team agrees to forfeit, the game will end early without penalty.

🎥 Free Camera Mode!

You can now access a Free Camera mode in Private Matches, accessible on PC and Console! This will allow you to freely move the camera around the entire map.

PC players can also activate Free Camera in the Main Hub, after turning on the “Enable freecam toggle” setting and pressing Shift+P.

This will be super helpful for YouTubers who want to capture the perfect camera shot from any angle!

⚖️ Balance Changes

  • Made adjustments to Power Surge:
    • Reduced the windup time
    • Increased stamina usage
  • Made adjustments to Dropkick:
    • Reduced the windup time
    • Reduced how high the jumping animation goes into the air
    • Increased stamina usage
  • Made adjustments to Counterattack:
    • The duration of this ability will now always be the same, regardless of Defense level, and it has been given a lower base duration
    • The hitbox will remain active for slightly longer
    • Slightly decreased stamina usage
  • Made adjustments to Long Dive:
    • Reduced the ending recovery time
    • Reduced the distance travelled
    • Increased stamina usage
  • Made adjustments to Spin Dash:
    • Slightly reduced the duration of Spin Dash
    • Increased stamina usage
  • Reduced the base duration of all dekes, and reduced the Defense stat’s effect on deke duration, particularly at higher Defense levels
    • At extremely high Defense levels, dekes could be performed so quickly that it becomes impossible to react to which direction the person is going, allowing people to effortlessly dodge through entire teams without any counterplay. Defense already has numerous other useful effects, so it’s necessary to nerf this aspect of Defense to keep everything balanced.
    • The base duration of dekes was reduced to maintain a fast speed of play across all Defense levels.
  • Reduced the effect of Stamina Penalty Reduction trinkets
    • Similar reasoning as above. Using a full set of these trinkets completely removed the penalty for repeatedly dodging, making them way too powerful and allowing dodges to be spammed with no punishment. They have been much more impactful than any other trinkets, so it’s necessary to tone them down.

🔨 Other Changes

  • Made updates to the anti-cheat system
  • Disabled standard player collision with goalies and power-ups - this should prevent players from using exploits to fling the goalie, as well as reduce buggy interactions from being physically pushed by power-ups. (This does not change the knockdown hitboxes of the goalie/power-ups; you will still get knocked down upon making contact with them)
  • Adjusted the lighting of Inferno Peak to be more neutral
  • Optimized the Divine color-changing effect so it should not cause severe FPS drops
  • Added an option to locally disable the color-changing effects of Divine items
  • Added a new interface for using multiple Item Augmentors at one time
  • Fixed animation speed not being correct the first time an animation is played
  • Added audio cues for when a game is about to start
  • Updated the in-game scoreboard to display usernames as well
  • Other minor adjustments

Thanks for reading, enjoy Ranked Mode!
~ @CinderingRB