Super Sword Fighting, Update 1.1

SSF, Update log 1.1

What’s new?

  • Loading Screen: We have changed our loading screen from a logo, to just text. It now says “Super Sword Fighting”, then “A game based on SFOTH”, then “Made by Obstacle Development”. This change was made because we thought our old Loading Screen was not very clean, we have also improved some of our other GUI’s listed under. Loading screen made by @bolekinds2

  • GUI Changes: Along with the Loading Screen, we have made changes to our report & settings menu. This isn’t under “Updates to already exciting features”, since we completely redid the GUI’s. They were not very catchy so we recreated them. GUI Changes made by @bolekinds2 & @Tijnachu

  • 5 New Badges: We had plans to create badges later on, but with the new badge update we decided to make them now. These were really last minute additions to the game, but are pretty cool. We plan on adding more in the future. Badge GFX made by @supukolovesyou, scripts by @bolekinds2, extra help by @Tijnachu.

Updates to already exciting features.

  • Added bouncy effects to GUI’s: We have added transitions to most of the GUI’s in the game to make them look better.

  • Made the trick armor actually accessible: Since we needed one more armor spot, that one is now accessible with an invisible part.

Bug Fixes

  • Made the broken jump pad work.

Update Credits

  • @bolekinds2 - All Scripting Work
  • @Tijnachu, @bolekinds2 - Gui’s
  • @stephanfouche - Artwork
  • @supukolovesyou - GFX


This update has been tested loads, by multiple people. Thank you very much to our playtesters.
If you find any bugs, please report them to this Twitter page

We will be starting to massively advertise the game now, our budget isn’t high but we hope for the best. This week we will be putting around R$10.000 into advertisements for Super Sword Fighting and some for other games.

If you have any questions about anything related to the game or it’s release, comment it under this post and i’ll try to respond.

Thanks for reading, there’s no new codes so i can’t put new ones here but you can use code: “TURTLE” for 25 free coins.