Super Weld Plugin

Hi everyone !

This is my first time posting here, I made my first plugin aswell. It’s not a very complicated plugin at all but it’s quick and easy. It was supposed to be for my personal uses only (because i wasn’t finding any plugin this fast using weld constraints) but why not share it ? So here it is.

What is it for ?

It’s used to weld multiple parts together fast using either welds or weld constraints.

How to use it ?

It’s very simple, all you need to do is selecting all the parts you want and then press the weld or weld constraint button on the plugin tab depending on what weld you want. The plugin will then weld all the parts selected (except the first) to the first part selected.

Plugin Link ?

Super Weld - Roblox

So yeah, it’s basically it, thank you for reading, hope you find my plugin at least a bit useful.
Any suggestion or feedback is welcome.


The plugin appears to be offsale, so I am unable to check it out

I checked the settings and it should be available so I don’t understand why it’s not for you… I even successfully downloaded it with an alt. Is the install button not appearing for you ?

P.s.: It may work better with this link idk :

I was able to get it now)

Overall, good plugin, although there are many other weld plugins that have already been out, this is a good start for a first plugin, gets the job done

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Thank you for your feedback, I appreciate it !

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Just updated the plugin so now you can keep or not parts position when welding with normal welds.

Built into Studio already.



The plugin itself looks really amazing, looking forward to it’s next update.
Hope the scale and anything else looks fine.

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You are totally right, but as I know, my plugin has multiple advantages :

  • The roblox studio create feature only allows you to weld parts two by two while my plugin can weld as much parts as you want instantly.
  • With my plugin, you can select parts you want to weld directly in explorer (which is really useful especially with complicated builds), you cannot with the built in feature.
  • My plugin does handle normal welds, the feature doesn’t; they are not the most used welds at all but some people still prefer to use them…
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Then if this is an issue, why use this plugin over the dozens (or possibly hundreds) that have already existed for quite a while, and have been developed to add more features?


For example, Ozzypig’s weld plugin already is leagues ahead:


Already doable with the default feature I showed.

WeldConstraint does exactly the same thing and adds more functionality by default. There is absolutely no reason to use the old Weld instance over the new one. In fact, the new weld constraint allows you to weld two base parts together without even setting CFrames 0 and 1.

On top of that, using the old weld objects doesn’t let you see active welds and weld information. Here is a screenshot example with the web constraints:

And here it is with just weld objects:

And if that isn’t enough, consider model scaling with Model.Scale. Weld constraints are compatible with this, welds are not.

Hopefully, these reasons explain the flaws here.

If you’re interested, my favorite community welding tool is Weld Constrainter by Sctrx, which utilizes the weld constraint object and can bulk-constrain.


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You may be right in everything, but keep in mind that this is @Kenma_nekineko’s first plugin. It’s also free so there shouldn’t be high expectations. Even if it does not have any practical use case for you, maybe for someone else it is easier to use this plugin than the built in features.

I just think it’s better to encourage new creators instead of telling them that their ideas have already been made.

So, I think it’s cool that @Kenma_nekineko has decided to share this plugin with the community!

Keep working, keep making plugins!

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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and raising questions. I have personally searched and tried to find a way to select parts in the explorer using the built-in feature, but I couldn’t find that functionality. If it does exist, I would appreciate it if you could clarify how to achieve it.

I understand that there are existing plugins available, but I struggled to find one that met my specific needs in terms of speed and ease of use. That’s why I created my own plugin and decided to share it for free. Additionally, I have included support for normal welds because I know there are users who still prefer them over weld constraints.

You mentioned your favorite community welding tool, which functions similarly to mine, but I believe my plugin offers improved visuals. However, I understand your point, and it’s worth noting that similar critiques could be applied to other plugins, including your mentioned favorite. Different plugins may have their strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to consider them objectively.

I want to assure you that Super Weld will continue to receive updates to enhance its quality, efficiency, functionality, and speed. I encourage you to give it a try and see if it meets your needs. Thank you for your feedback, and I appreciate your consideration of my plugin.

I’ve made my own console command for this exact purpose when I was working on a level-based game a while back. This is a really good plugin to have!

One complaint is you support welds which isn’t necessarily bad, but welds are deprecated. That means they just exist for the games that already used them and aren’t being deleted because said games will stop working and roblox will lose money. There’s absolutely no reason for you to use a weld instead of a weld constraint. I know it’s your first plugin, but we shouldn’t be promoting faulty workflows especially with the inexperience that the programmer industry is suffering from.

You want to help, that’s good, for the future when we want to share something we should ask ourselves, is what we want to share actually good? Will it help others? Will it be a step forward? Can we improve it? How to improve it?

Is it clean on the back end?

(this one is often ignored, people are like “nahh it’s a small plugin I can make as big of a mess I want and nobody will care nor see”, but that’s not what software is intended to be, software means soft = easily changeable and ware = product, easily change the behavior of hardware computers with a software product, especially dev tools like plugins where you can easily copy the source code and edit it it’s very critical that you write it in a clean way, otherwise it’s completely useless, people often just don’t understand as they see finished software projects as something that you wouldn’t have to update or maintain anymore, but that’s sometimes not the case, say you have to push out an update because the core changed, roblox removed a deprecated feature that you were using so you have to fix your system to use a new feature)

You are completely missing the point. There’s no reason to go out of your way and create a full post about how someone’s plugin is useless. Appreciate the constructive criticism though and I hope the OP gets a hint or two from that.

As a conclusion this is a good way to learn and I personally wouldn’t have ever considered the existence of weld plugins if it wasn’t for this post because I was just using my console command. Very helpful to bring light on the topic. It would be very useful if you try to learn even more and improve the plugin, add more features to it, look at what other plugins do, look at how they do it (but don’t steal the code, just learn from it) and I’m sure you’ll come back to make another amazing community resource that’s much better than this one, regardless of how long it takes or which platform it’s for.

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Thank you for your kind words and encouragement ! I really appreciate your support and understanding. It means a lot, especially as this is my first plugin. Your positive feedback motivates me to continue creating and improving.

Thanks again for being a supportive member of the community !


Beginner or not, it doesn’t actually change the point. It’s awesome to see new creators, but the plugin itself isn’t sufficient for others to use.

Others are incredibly speedy and have the exact use.

That is exactly what I did.

No, and visuals don’t matter when a single plugin button click does the job.

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There is no issue with leaving feedback. If that feedback creates or implies the response of “it’s useless”, then that’s the fact. There isn’t a reason to hold back with reasoning simply because of what they would think.

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F3X building tools also has a weld and weld all feature. This is what I use!
I also use it for building. You may have assumed that though.

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So you maintain you’re almost afraid about using my plugin and you think it’s useless just because it came after other plugins with a similar goal and use ? While it’s true that there may be existing plugins with similar functionality, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for alternatives or improvements. Each plugin can have its own unique features, user interface, or ease of use, which may appeal to different users.
I don’t understand either your first message “Built in studio already” because in facts you are saying you have a “favorite community welding tool”.

P.s.: Im still confused about the built in feature’s explorer selection…

He’s trying to show that it already exists in roblox studio when using weld constraints

I mean I feel he was acting like he didn’t know the utility of a weld plugin while having a favorite one…