Superblox Racing - Information & Credits

About Game

Superblox Racing is a competitive, arcade themed racing game.
The game is inspired by Superstar Racing, a 2008 racing MMO.

Current Phase: Closed Alpha // In Development
This thread will be updated as we expand in terms of development.

Development Credits

A list of people that have contributed some way to the game is listed here.
These are simply credits and not official development positions for the game.

Track Builders

Noted Contributors

Important Credits

A credit list for those that have assisted with the game’s creation through either inspiration, ideas, or game assets. This list is definitely not complete and will be updated overtime.

Open Sourced Modules

  • boatbomber A wide variety of useful open sourced modules
  • GameAnalytics Roblox SDK for the game’s analytical data
  • loleris ProfileService, an open sourced datastore module
  • Blockzez FormatNumber, number formatting module

Creative Commons attributions

  • Interface Icon Compilation by Gregor Cresnar from Flaticon
  • Mountain Photo by Bri Schneiter from Pexels
  • Material Design by Google from Flaticon
  • Arrow by iconking1 from Free icons
  • Circular (Spinners) from Icons8
  • Universal 06 from Flaticon
  • UI super basic by Freepik
  • Productivity by Freepik


  • UI Sounds in some menus by Phil Michalski (PMSFX)