Superblox Racing - Information & Credits

About Game

Superblox Racing is a competitive, arcade themed racing game.
The game is inspired by Superstar Racing, a 2008 racing MMO.

Current Phase: Closed Alpha // In Development
This thread will be updated as we expand in terms of development.

Development Credits

A list of people that have contributed some way to the game is listed here.
These are simply credits and not official development positions for the game.

Other Credits

A credit list for those that have assisted with the game’s creation through either inspiration, ideas, or game assets. This list is definitely not complete and will be updated overtime.

  • boatbomber A wide variety of useful open sourced modules
  • GameAnalytics Roblox SDK for the game’s analytical data
  • loleris ProfileService, an open sourced datastore module
  • Blockzez FormatNumber, number formatting module
  • Superstar Racing (2008) Inspiration behind the game