Superhero RIG For Blender and Cinema4D


Well, I finally made a superhero rig.

In this post you will find the two files, for Cinema4D and Blender, with mega and mediafire download links.

Superhero RIG - Blender 2.8-2.9+ (Made by me)

Superhero RIG V2 By Krycto.blend (1,3 MB)
MEDIAFIRE: Superhero RIG V2 By Krycto
MEGA: 1.28 MB file on MEGA

Superhero RIG BETA - Cinema4D (Made by me and @Herson12YT)

MEDIAFIRE: C4D - Superhero RIG By Herson12 And Krycto
MEGA: 314.5 KB file on MEGA

Feel free to use them for your gfx or animation! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Please if you are going to put them on a youtube tutorial, or on a public discord server, give me credits! :heart:

Sorry if my english is bad, i’m using google translator.


nice :slight_smile:, maybe include an image

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Nice, I think you are the first to even make a Superhero RIG cause I don’t know if there is any.
So yea thanks for the rig it will be useful to us artists.