SuperLiteChat - Very easy chat module

SuperLiteChat - Very easy chat module

Free to use clean model, no need to credit me.

Assign a red “VIP” label to a certain player:


*If you need to modify the label of a player, you would need to clear it before reassigning it. Exemple:

	module:AssignLabel(player,"white Label",,1,1))
	module:AssignLabel(player,"black Label",,0,0))

Set a player chat color to red:


To set it back to default, just make it back to white.

A full use of it would be:

	local module = nil
		if module == nil then
			module = require(script.SuperLiteChat)

Which would give this:

Don’t forget that this module needs the ChatServiceRunner (added automatically by roblox inside the ServerScriptService), so it would be wiser to not require the module directly at the head of the script since it will yield and will miss the first player that joins. The if statement in it specifically addresses that issue so feel free to use the exact same way of requiring it.

POLL - Will you use this little module? If it gets many yes, I might maybe add much more functionalities to it.

  • I will use it
  • Probably won’t use it

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This is great!
This should be useful for ranks shown in chat for some ranks and very cool.
Thanks for making this! :smiley:

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Nice resource! Maybe you could implement some of the features from my old-ish system?

I don’t really care what happens to the source anymore since Roblox devrel literally told me it wasn’t a community resource and unlisted the post.

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Damn you have a ton of great features (especially the rainbow lol hehe), kinda sad that they unlisted your ressource :neutral_face: But yea maybe i will add some more from your chat+, but the main goal of my ressource is just to add simple labels such as VIP / ranks / player party names and keep it extremely simple to set up

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Thanks! I get that if you don’t / can’t implement the features for simplicity’s sake.

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This makes things easier. Man, I’m happy when devs work together. Thank you for the plugin!