Supermarket Showcase

Hi, I am making a game called Roblox C-Citys. Our first building which we have put effort into in is “The supermarket.”

No it is not a city yet because we are still completing last bits but we would like to pre-release the supermarket building for your thoughts and feedback before we go on!

Keep in mind we have done “The Supermarket” but we need to add a few more scripts on other custom foods and add more varieties and its probably done.

To be aware of:

This is just to let people know we are adding more varieties of the food/drink, so don’t worry, we will be adding more and these foods are being scripted slowly, but for now most foods are un-scripted.

Secret hiding place inside the Freezer:

No Free models have been used except for the cars at the front, but eventually they will be removed and we will make our own cars.

Game: Vamega - Roblox

Looking forward to hear your feedback! Please have a good look around and if there any problems or ideas please send screenshots. Thank You.


This is really good. The build is nice and the concept for the game sounds cool. Cant wait to see the final game!

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