Back in April of this year, me and my development team at Basket Software have been working on a new game where you use portal guns to fling people into obstacles.

Basically, If you’ve ever played Quake or Arsenal or any other arena FPS game, our game is similar in it’s based around being in an arena of people and you have to kill them all. But our game is different because you have to use portals, like the portals from the Portal series to fling people into obstacles.

You can see how it works here

But, there’s more
Game Modes

On release there will be three different gamemodes
Three Minute Survival
A gamemode where the goal is to have the least amount of deaths in the span of three minutes. Place portals to trap other players and end out being the player with the lowest amount of deaths

Prop Physics
Two teams go head to head, as they use their portal guns to fling as many objects as possible into their team’s zone within the span of two minutes

Interdimensional Battle Royale
Shoot your portal guns at other people to sent them into other dimensions that may or may not fling them into the sun

But using portals isn’t the only way to win in this game.
You can also kill other players by throwing objects at them, as seen here
You can buy different objects in the shop with the credits you earn from winning games. Different objects have different effects on the players that are hit by the object. For instance some objects may knock a player out for a few seconds, others may light them on fire, and others may just slice right through them.

Along with this you can also purchase upgrades to your portal guns, like maybe increase the possibility of someone getting dragged into your portal. Or possibly light the people who go through your portal on fire.

We also decided to have our game’s art style embody a mix of Synthwave, And old 80s terminal based software aesthetics.


Currently the game hasn’t released yet, but we are looking for beta testers so that we can perfect our game’s feel. But we are aiming for a release date sometime this July. Also we’re looking for feedback on the overall game concept.