SuperRank | Better Overhead Ranking


The better way to handle overhead ranks

Install SuperRank in your game (model)

Idle Detection w/ animation
Multiple Customisable Overhead Attributes (with badges, group ranks, usernames and gamepasses!)
Custom “Guest” name + Remove rank text for group guests
Looks good in most cases
Animated text + transparency on player join/reset

Let me show you how it looks! :sunglasses:

Idle Detection (built-in)

This is my first devforum post and first model post! Please don’t be too harsh haha :laughing:


Feel free to leave any feedback or criticism! Any feedback is massively appreciated :hugs:

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You should add a configuration to allow it to be used in non-group games. But I do like the overhead ranking, very nice.


no offense but this isnt that useful in my opinion. You can already very easily do this where I dont think there’s a point.


It’s still a resource, and it can be useful in cases where the developer does not know how to script.

Personally, I like the overhead attributes as it makes this stand out, but I feel the “away” detection should be an attribute instead of replacing the rank.


Extremely handy resource. It’s easy to configure and use, though as others have previously said, it would be beneficial for the system to not rely on a group ID to work (and maybe even support multiple group IDs). All in all, great work!

This is awesome! Is there a way to make it show your username instead of the display name?

DisplayNames are sort of the way forward (i’d recommend following that path), however, if you really want to use usernames, just change Player.DisplayName to Player.Name wherever possible in the script.

I would add an option if I had spare time :sweat_smile:

A workaround for NOT using Group IDs is set the group ID to something like 1, and put hide guest role to true, and then you can create your attributes too!

If I had to add a suggestion:

Make the idle events one, such as:

afkEvent:FireServer(true) – turns idle on
afkEvent:FireServer(false) – turns idle off

Your current system also only looks for Window Focus, which doesn’t support the stop/start of movement for mobile players, which I would also suggest adding.

A very interesting and useful system. I will definitely use it

Window Focus always means the user isn’t seeing the other users, mobile players not moving isn’t a guarantee that they are away.

We shouldn’t base AFK systems on guessing if users are idle.

Use plrinstance.Idled, A roblox provided event to tell if a player is idle or not. Fires after around 2 minutes of no activity on the client atall.

There are no instructions to put these things in it’s place. Like this folder goes into ServerStorage etc.


This would be a very useful tool, but I’m not a big fan of the UI.

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Its amazing! The UI/UX just needs alittle bit fo changing, but its pretty nice! would consider using.

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Definitely plan to use this! Everything looks great, the only thing I can recommend you change is when the play goes AFK you change their rank tag to AFK - Users Rank.

Great job overall!

Looks awesome! I’ll try it. Tysm!!

Hello, I am a new Developer and Where do I put “SuperRank Handler, Client and Server” folder goes?