Support for Multiple Explorers


As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to have multiple windows of the Explorer tab open.

Games are getting large and organization is key. When in studio I should beable to have multiple windows of the explorer open in different sections of the game. For example I can have one explorer showing the server side scripts so I can just jump into what I need and have another window showing the hierarchy of a model.

The selection would work as whatever was last clicked on, this would deselect from other explorers as to only have one selection at a time.

Let’s get some feedback on this, what do you guys think? Should Roblox add support for multiple windows of explorers?

Here’s a visual of how I would use this. Imagine the explorers being two separate windows


In the meantime… You could install one of the plugins that simulates the explorer


There’s a plugin for this? Can you find a link please :D?