Surface Appearance AlphaMode: Transparency looks washed off when viewed through the client

I’m working on a forest scene and upon placing the trees with a script that runs after hitting play, the trees’ leaves, which use the new Surface Appearance feature with the “Transparency” BlendMode, seem a little washed out and far too transparent when viewed from the client’s side. However, they look just fine when viewed from through the server.

The transparency issue cannot be seen when using the “Overlay” Blend mode.

Since this is the only real way to make transparent backgrounds for objects like leaves I haven’t really come up with a solution to this issue.

If you happen to know something about this then please share. Thank you!


After some inspection, I believe this might be caused by the new ambient occlusion update that was recently made live.

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This big is still apparent sadly too. I haven’t found a way around it.