Surface Appearance Error?

I have never had this issue before in roblox but its quite annoying when it does happen, so in studio the surface appearance looks fine but when I load into a game it just goes blank and you just see the normal mesh. The chassis surface appearance isnt showing up.

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By the looks of the error, the texture you are using for that specific area of the tank didn’t get approved to be uploaded and used on Roblox.

I don’t have much knowledge on the matter but what I would recommend is that you would have to try reuploading the texture you used again hoping for it to be allowed (it may require a small detail to be changed else the algorithm may detect it as a reupload of a denied texture and disapprove it).

Would changing the format from jpeg to png work?

It may be worth a shot for now yeah. If that fails, you may have to try manipulating something with the image so that it may be detected as a different image that hasn’t been uploaded yet on Roblox.

Edit: In terms of changes, things such as editing the brightness, editing the contrast, or other approaches. It may allow the image to not be detected by the Roblox algorithm as a reuploaded disapproved image as it wouldn’t exactly match up.

Yea ima try and reupload from a diff format but heres what they look like when they dont work for future reference

Sure thing! Please don’t forget to tick solution of the message that helps address your problem for future reference for others. Thanks!