Surface Appearance Normal Maps aren't showing up

Hello, i’m DevMaximun, i’m making a game which is about space travelling , i made rigs for the game, the rigs use Surface Appearance for the Texture and Normal Map, when i finished the rig, it looked really GOOD in Studio, everything was going alright, but then out of nowhere, the Normal Maps don’t load on Roblox player for some reason, every texture loads, but the Normal Maps don’t.

As you can see , random parts DON’T get the Normal map, every time i rejoin, a random part gets chosen to either have it or not and yes, i’m on Max Graphics (If you look closely, the Orange space suit’s helmet HAS normal map, but the rest of the suit doesn’t load the normal map)

Note: I know the texture is not gonna show up in Roblox Player if it got deleted or still hasn’t been accepted, but it will show up on Studio, the thing is, every image has been accepted and didn’t get banned)

i don’t know if this matters but each rig has 17 Mesh Parts (the starter character has 2 mesh parts WITHOUT surface appearance) 3*17=51-2 = 49, there are 49 Mesh Parts with Surface Appearance currently in the game, is there a limit of meshparts that can have custom normal maps?

I don’t know what to do, but i know it ain’t something normal, i think there is a limit of meshparts with normal maps.

(Sorry for any spelling mistakes, English isn’t my main language)

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Roblox didn’t release Surface Appearances yet, so they won’t appear in game. Right now they are studio-only because it is still in beta. This is on purpose and not a glitch.