Surface Appearance not working at all

Im making a game that has a G-17 mesh i took from the toolbox (It looks to be the G17 from CSGO) and I added a normal map I had generated for it using GIMP. When i added it to the Mesh, it didn’t appear.

On the normal map texture the Slide has bulges at where the “18 AUSTRIA 9x19” is

And its not showing at all on the Slide

So far, I have tried, Re-uploading the both textures, I changed both from PNG to JPG and remaking the Surface Appearance. Whether this is a Roblox limitation or I’m being dumb and not realizing something, It’d be nice if i could get some help on how to fix this

Are you sure its not a problem with you UV placement?

I dont really know much about texturing so idk exactly what that is (This makes me think im trying to do something that is way beyond my skill level) I pulled the Glock model off the toolbox so idk exactly how the texture is setup