Surface Appearance Trouble

Issue with Surface Appearance

I made a texture for a statue in Adobe Substance 3D and exported them to studio to add them to my model for surface appearance.

When I added all the maps to the model for the surface appearance, the texture was just a solid color from the color map without any of the other maps added to it.


As you can see in the photo, the torso looks nothing like the head (which I textured using the same software and very similar brushes to create). I exported them both the same way and added them the same way, so there’s no reason that it should be doing this as far as I can tell.

Can someone help me?

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Another thing is that I uploaded the texture for the torso as a decal and it was not moderated, so it’s not a moderation issue. I published the place and it still didn’t work. I feel like I’ve tried everything I can but nothing works. Does anyone know the solution?

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Did you make sure to UV unwrap the mesh? Perhaps you uploaded the mesh to Roblox and then UV unwrapped and didn’t put the UV unwrapped version in? That’s all I can think of.

I don’t think that’s the issue, as when I tried to import it to blender it said “relative paths cannot be used with unsaved scenes”.

Export the model with substance painter, if you haven’t already.