Surface Appearances seem to not be working?

With the new “Future” lighting released, I tried to use the new Surface Appearance object. However, in the properties, it’s not showing me the various fields for mappings. Is this a studio bug?

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A number of properties for it are tagged as LocalUserSecurity which is why they aren’t showing up. Why that might be, I don’t know. Perhaps they don’t want people using it before it’s released.

It’s still pending on the release notes:

There’ll probably be an announcement before it’s live.

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This feature is not yet ready for use. Ideally we should hide it from the insert menu until it’s ready. We will make an announcement when you can use this.


Got it. Thank you for the info. I was just a bit confused because it popped up in the live studio.

Do you have a general idea when SurfaceAppearances are going to be live? I just wanted to scope the project release date since if it’s not getting released within a few months, I should just use regular Roblox materials for now.

We split the whole “custom PBR textures” project into 2 parts:

  1. SurfaceAppearance only for UV-mapped MeshParts - will launch a Studio only beta in a few weeks and enable in games once it’s stable
  2. Generic tiled materials that work on all Part types - will release a few months from now

Awesome. Thanks for the info. In terms of SurfaceAppearance only for UV-mapped MeshParts, this means stuff like roughness, normal, and various height maps right?

^^ Here are the weapons without PBR

^^ Here are the weapons with PBR

Can’t wait… hahaha

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