Surface gui invisible (i am still waiting)


Hey there recently i had a problem with surface guis or canvas group i don’t really know what causes it but the problem is the gui is normally visible but when i am not looking at it and then look at it again it becomes invisible (shown in the video). When i go in the properties there are no changes?

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there are no scripts controlling this gui so what is the problem?

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Okay so a couple of things you can check if you haven’t already.

Check if the adornee property is set correctly,
Or if the ui is parented to the correct part.

If that’s all good then maybe the surface ui is visible, but on the wrong face of the part. (Maybe the front face is not visible but the back is)

Check the ui’s face property.

Okay so the adornee property is set correctly and it still didnt work
Also the face is good too i found out that its the canvas group fault but what could it be

those have a lot of bugs right now apparently so it might be the problem