SurfaceAppearance being flag by roblox and got my account blocked


This is beyond silly, my account got a warning cuz of surface appearance I uploaded.

So as I am moving forward to use more of this new cool technology, i took the precausion to upload the new work on an alt account. But now I am getting errors and roblox says the image is forbidden.


Proof of the warning and account block

This is what I believe the Roblox AI or an Algorithm, claims to have broken the rules:
Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 9.46.09 PM

I will be happy to provide the layers of the surface appearance if needed.

Please, i need a solution so I can continue to use Surface appearance

PS. this situation seems to be happen at random as a second model I uploaded and added surface appearance went thru without problems.

This isn’t an algorithm or bot, it’s just that it’s very difficult for anyone, including the people on the moderation team, to be able to tell if a diffuse/normal/metal map is a bad image or just a weirdly baked texture, and will always err on the side of caution.

These maps always look abstract and weird, and can easily look inappropriate. Best thing to do is to appeal it so it’s not on your record. I’m certain that this was just a case of the moderator being overly cautious, and the second upload was a different member of the moderation team.

It’s not great, but things like this happen. Roblox knows (I’ve personally given my opinions on the matter to Dev Rel), and they’re looking for solutions :slightly_smiling_face:


there was no appeal option as you can see in the screenshot, Do you know where do I need to go for the appeal?


You can appeal in two ways which I share below:


t is unusual that there wasn’t an option for Appeal on the Warning page. But hope you can get this sorted out with the options I have gave to you.

Kind Regards

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