SurfaceAppearance is Stretched and Broken When Applied to Model

When I import my model and add a SurfaceAppearance texture, it’s stretched and broken, as you can see here:

It doesn’t texture the entire model, as this model is all one mesh.

Is there any way I can fix this?

What does your mesh’s UV layout look like? This appears to be a UV unwrapping issue, not anything to do with the texture itself.

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I’m not familiar with UV wrapping, I just modeled it in Blender and imported it.

Where are you getting the texture from? each mesh will have to have a custom surfaceappearance texture that is created for the particular mesh shape. Unfortunately they don’t work like roblox default material textures which tile over various shapes.

From a free PBR texture site.

I didn’t know that, I was just using an unedited PBR texture. It worked fine for some meshes.

You got lucky then. Usually you need to UV unwrap your mesh, and texture that mesh with diffuse/normal/metal maps. If you don’t, you’re likely to run into issues like you’ve shown above.

Most PBR texture sites just give you a square texture, which doesn’t account for UV seams. For some simple meshes, it’ll be fine, but for more complex unwrapping, this happens.

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It will work for squares and rectangles, but you can’t scale it. Unless you use a weird hack(placing it in a model with a humanoid object).

I don’t know how to do it, but I think what you have to do it take your free pbr and use it in Blender, texture it in there then export the various surfaceappearance images for use in roblox.(that match the model you made)

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