SurfaceAppearance Shading Artifacts

We’re having some odd shading artifacts on our SurfaceAppearance textured meshparts. As you can see in the video below, the hat’s scarf has weird shadow/shading artifacts. When I set the SurfaceAppearance’s AlphaMode to Overlay, the problem resolves, but we require Transparency for the desired look. I also tried filling in the SurfaceApparence’s Metal/Normal/Roughness maps with “blank” textures to see if that was causing any issues, with no change.

Additionally, changing the Lighting tech from Vertex or Compatibility to Future or ShadowMap resolves the issue, but we need Vertex lighting for performance reasons.

This all suggests that the shading artifacts are due to some kind of Lighting issue or something, and I’ve seen similar issues with models containing Humanoid objects, but I’m unsure of solutions.

I’m looking for any low-impact workarounds or situations where you’ve found the same issue - if it’s a bug I can file a bug report.


Voxel (and compatibility) has a known issue with textures on meshes. Only way to fix it is to change the lighting system. Not even decals work. (to my knowledge at least)

We have other meshes with similar properties without issue, though they’re scenic assets. Internally, we’re considering that the issue is caused by a Humanoid object in the player model, which is unfortunate as that’s like, one of the major requirements haha.

Still investigating further, though!

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Humanoid-based characters are bad at shadows sometimes. The only solution I know is to disable CastShadow on all parts of a player + accessories + anything else that will be added to the player’s character at any time (weapons, tools, morphs, etc.).

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This was the best low-impact solution. Thank you!

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