SurfaceAppearance Studio Beta [Released]

Graphics quality exists on Roblox, so I imagine it would be disabled/have less visual quality on lower graphics levels, probably even disabled entirely on quality level 1 for optimization.


just am hyped from this feature… I can‘t wait to see what we can do with this new instance here!

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To make Normal map work use OBJ and not FBX.

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This is amazing how Roblox graphics have come from the most simple “lego-looking” to professional quality lighting effects; keep up the good work for the community!

I will be looking forward to implementing the upcoming features listed on the road-map, into my games. Amazing! :hushed:

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This was also an issue with the Avatar Evolution builds, interesting that it hasn’t been fixed.


Do map textures not work if they’re pending moderation? I’m trying to get this normal map to work on a mesh but it’s simply not working.



Some tiles are not showing up correctly


I just love it Very nice Feature


Just place the uv’s in such a way that there’s no stretching. then scale the uvs of all wall faces so they have the same height.


Well better go get back into studio.

I’m now thinking to make a sword fight like realism now with the new Future Work!

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I have not heard those two words in a very long time.

Also a little late to the party, but:


Just to be clear, what I meant by “do whatever you want on your own computer” pertains only to your own evaluation of the assets, locally–trial usage that does not leave your PC. The EULA, which I did read btw, is entirely predicated on there being a published, publicly-viewable “output” or “product”. As soon as you make a playable demo, or a share a screenshot or video not rendered in UE4, you’ve made such a product and you need to have the non-UE personal license to be in good legal standing if your product is not using UE.

But, it’s accepted and expected that you will view the free assets and evaluate them prior to making a commitment to use them and purchase a license. This is why content providers have a small portion of their content downloadable for free in the first place. They expect you too look at the assets in Max, Blender, Photoshop, etc. to determine suitability for your project prior to your commercial usage. The license terms apply when you publish the product

EDIT: It’s worth noting that the above paragraph is not just my interpretation, or something implied by informally-accepted practices, it’s actually called out explicitly in Quixel’s EULA that the free assets (the ones you can download prior to buying a license) are for exactly the purpose I mentioned. In other words, you have their full, legal blessing to play around with them in Studio (again, without publishing anything–even screenshots) for the purpose of deciding whether or not you want to use them in a Roblox game:

RIGHT OF USE. Quixel hereby grants to Customer, for the Term of the Agreement a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to
use the Megascans Free Assets solely for Customer’s evaluation and test-integration of the Megascans Free Assets with Third
Party Service Provider products.


Kind of disappointed at the showcase map for the time being, really doesn’t show off what can be done with this properly. I was expecting a more thorough showcase of just what could be done if this technology was pushed to its limits, got a mech, space suit and bread.
I say for the time being because I don’t know if the bare bones showcase is a result of instability on machines or something else.


It’s not a stability issue, you’re just going to need to wait for this feature to be public to see the community of builders and artists really push the limits and make something you’d consider a full-gamut PBR feature showcase. The test place is just that: an engineer’s test place to make sure the feature is on, working as intended, and not crashing.


Is it me, or do materials suddenly just break either from autosaving or just closing and reloading the place file? I’ve been getting this a lot and I have to reapply the materials every time. Imagine having this problem in a massive map full of hundreds or thousands of custom materials.

Practicing Workflow :smile:

Some screenshots:


Wow, look at Roblox now!
Super realistic games like never before…
This will go well with FiB 3, and stop people calling us “toy lego builders”

Well i ain’t teasing anyone, k?


Great feature! Would love to use someday.

Make pbr textures too! Not only “decal” type that only works on meshes


I think this is the future of Roblox

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