SurfaceGUI ScrollingFrames Don't Work on Mobile

I’ve been working on a smartphone for my game and came across this bug:

The phone uses a SurfaceGUI, and for things such as Vehicle selection, I am using a ScrollingFrame. The frame does not scroll at all. It just moves the screen. (Does camera movement instead of sliding the ScrollingFrame). Yes, scrolling is enabled. It works properly on PC.

This only occurs if the ScrollingFrame is on a SurfaceGUI. Putting it in a ScreenGUI works just fine.

Edit: I’m using a Nexus 7 2013 running Android 6.0.

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Is the SurfaceGui a child of PlayerGui? I’m fairly sure that it has to be for interaction to work correctly.

Yeah. It’s in the PlayerGUI. Like I said, it works properly on PC, just not mobile.

It would be more user-friendly if you scripted it so you can swipe the screen up/down, no?
I thought SurfaceGuis only made the scrollbar itself work, is that what’s not working on mobile?

ScrollingFrames by default work by swiping it up and down on mobile. I shouldn’t have to script anything. When it’s on a SurfaceGui, it doesn’t work at all. Nothing moves when you swipe on top of the SurfaceGui.

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Accurate reenactment* of what’s happening because I don’t want to record on my tablet:

On PC normally:

On mobile with bug:

[size=10]*Recorded on the PC because I’m lazy, but this is what the bug looks likes [/size]